Wednesday, November 18, 2015


I am so close to drinking my own home brew kombucha! I added some juice yesterday and now just waiting for the second ferment! So, tomorrow or Friday it should be ready to drank! I mixed it with some concord grape juice. I totally forgot that I wanted to take a stab at flavoring it with ginger. Next batch I will make a ginger brew! Grape and ginger are probably my two favorite flavors of kombucha.
Look at that! Brewing your own is so easy, I promise. I wanted to try for several years, and I was just too scared and intimidated. This is where sometimes the interwebz is bad. Too much information is not always good. I was so scared I would somehow let my booch get unsanitized, and then it would go from good to bad bacteria, and I would die, or at least get real sick. But seriously, it couldn't be easier.
I gotta have those bubbles!
When you see that fizz, you know you have a good, sparkle-y batch! The standard recipe I learned is one cup of sugar per batch, I prefer a really carbonated booch, so I add about one and a half cups of sugar. Turns out perfect every time! Sometimes I do a combo of green tea and yerba mate, sometimes i just stick to green. I do always use green tea. I much prefer it over black tea. If anyone has been wanting to try brewing kombucha, you should go for it! I promise it is so easy. The kit comes with tea, scoby, sugar, and directions! All you need is a jar, and some water. I can make an entire batch(1 gallon) for less than one 16oz. bottle of kombucha! The truth is I do feel better when I drink some every day, but I can't always afford that habit. So, now I can!
I kind of wanted something on the fresher side for dinner, so I made a burrito bowl. I was missing avocado and cilantro, but it was still pretty dang tasty!
I thought I arranged everything prettily for a picture, but I see I have ALOT to learn! It was pretty in my mind, and it tasted amazing!  This bowl had brown rice, refried beans, jalapeno, lettuce, roasted corn, and red onion. Topped with salsa and of course hot sauce, and served with some chips. I haven't had a burrito bowl in so long, and I forgot how delicious they are! I love all the different temperatures and textures. I usually just buy regular old frozen corn, and after having this roasted corn, I don't know if I can ever go back. The roasting makes it so much tastier, and it reminds me of summer.
I felt like I wanted some vegan sour cream, and not only was there none in my fridge, I also had no cashews soaked for homemade. So, I added a dollop of the tahini garlic sauce from Trader joe's, and it might sound weird but it totally worked! It is creamy, and it added a little tang which is what you want from sour cream! The more you know!
I can't believe it's Wednesday! When will I ever do a MidWeek Munchie post on Wednesday? Oh well, I do always have to be a little different.
Happy hump day, whatever that means to you!


  1. Kombucha brewing is so scary at first because of all the instructions about washing and rinsing and how to look out for bad bacteria growth! But if you get a solid culture, it is pretty hard to mess up. I am going through a rough time with my kombucha since it is colder out, I keep bottling it too early and making the kombucha too sweet. It like learning all over again how to brew it!

    1. The bad bacteria growth was what i was so scared of! My first batch isn't as good as what I was brewing before. I think I bottled mine too quickly too. It's still edible, just not exactly what I wanted. And, you're right, cooler temps change everything. I feel like I had the most success brewing in the summer!

  2. Oh! Lovely homemade Booch!!!! Great color!