Monday, August 31, 2015

Lights Out

I never realized how much I take electricity for granted. Saturday afternoon around noon the power went out in my apartment complex, as well as most of north Seattle. It was a windy morning, and apparently lots of trees and branches fell over. My power was out for thirty six to forty hours. It was CREEPY! I live in a large complex, with long hallways, and to just see black outside of your peephole is everything every creepy movie has told me I don't want to see! I also realized that I don't have nearly enough candles to handle blackout situations. As a kid, I used to side eye all the adults who had that drawer, or shelf that had all the candles, batteries, and flashlights. It seemed so silly to be prepared for some kind of situation that hasn't happened. Well, I clearly need to give my unprepared ass a long side-eye. I did get a lot of reading done, so that's always a good thing. I finished a book by Jennifer Weiner called All Fall Down. I have read all of her books except for her very newest one, and All Fall Down was one of my favorites. The main character is dealing with addiction, and I feel like it was handled very well. I know it made me think, and relate many times over. As a teenager, I was put in rehabs a few times for various things, sometimes because they just didn't know where else to put someone with an eating disorder. Anyway, I could relate to quite a few of the rehab moments. Jennifer Weiner gets labled as a "chick-lit" author( I loathe that phrase soooooo much.) but I personally find her books to be much more than a quick beach read.
Sadly, on Friday I had gotten groceries at Grocery Outlet and Trader Joe's, and while not everything is ruined, a lot of it went bad. I could really just cry. I just tried to push the limit, and I made a cup of Earl Grey tea, and added a splash of almond milk, and it curdled. Blech. I might be off plant milk for awhile. There's something about curdling that really repulses me. Just the word curdle is a really offensive word to my ears.
Those orange morsels didn't make it!!!!
Here's some of my haul. I had gotten a few other frozen items that sadly didn't make it, nor did the tofutti sour cream, and various other things. It seems everyone's power is finally restored, but man what a pain. That is the longest I have ever gone without power.
On a more positive note, Chunk is now free from the cage that bound him. I removed his neck collar this morning, and man was he excited! He's back to being part of the family, he's not getting shunned anymore for being different! He was so cuddly with me when the brace was on, but now he's like down with the felines!
Life is good again!
I'm glad everything is back to whatever normal is because tomorrow is day one of Vegan Mofo! I'm so excited to be participating for my very first time! Are you ready?
Happy Monday!


  1. Another nice haul! I will have to see if I can find some of those items! We lose power fairly often here. Glad the cat is doing better!

  2. He is back to his happy, chunky self!!

  3. I am surprised you would be without power so long. Your apartment complex should have a backup generator. What a shame about the groceries. I hate wasting food.

  4. I thought the same thing. This apartment complex is huuuuuge. I hate wasting food too. I salvaged what I could, but for some things it was just too long.