Monday, August 24, 2015

Tea Time

Tea haul, and a new to me dark chocolate. And an ankle/foot shot!

I went searching for no fluoride teas, and I'm pretty happy with my choices. I chose Yerba Mate, which is great because it means I don't have to give up caffeine completely! I also chose a tin of white tea, which has the lowest amount of fluoride. The real star of my tea haul is this Dandelion Tea made by The Republic of Tea. I tried dandelion tea awhile ago and found it to be a little much. It's such a strong bitter taste that I find very difficult to choke down. I don't know why I decided to give this tea a try,  I guess desperation? The promise of vanilla intrigued me I guess. I just had to try a cup as soon as I got home, and as soon as I opened the tin, this wonderful smell of vanilla reached my nose, and my hope shot up a million percent. I love to be proven wrong, and this tea proved to me that dandelion tea can be edible! It has a deep, rich vanilla flavor, and a slight smoky flavor. It mentions on the tin that this tea makes a great substitute for coffee, and I agree. It's much richer than tea, and I bet it would make an out of this world latte! There is a very faint hint of dandelion, but the rich vanilla really keeps it at bay. I just am completely in love with this tea. And yes, I would marry it.
The chocolate wanted a solo shot!
I also saw this chocolate bar, and decided to give it a try. It's very interesting. The texture is very smooth, much more like milk chocolate, but it's more on the bitter side of dark chocolate. The few bars I've had that remind me more of milk have been a little sweeter, so the whole experience is more like milk chocolate. It's very rich, I had two squares and felt totally satisfied. I prefer my chocolate a little mellower, but if you are a dark chocolate lover, look for this bar!
Happy Monday!


  1. Have you checked out the tea site I co-founded/co-own? It's
    We have hundreds of teas on there, too!

  2. You are in Theo Chocolate Land. Wonder if they have factory tours?

  3. I should check. I also need to check on a Field Roast Tour.