Monday, August 10, 2015

More Food, Less Slumping

The color was soooo much prettier!
I started my day with a delicious smoothie made of frozen mango, kiwi, one white nectarine, one banana and some strawberries. It was the color of a really beautiful sunset, or a really beautiful tropical drink, ha. It was very sweet and refreshing. I don't know if I'm alone in this, but smoothies don't satisfy me for long, I think because I'm not chewing. I watched a video awhile ago where the person said you should chew your smoothies. I tried, and I just can't do it, it feels too goofy to be sitting there chewing a mouthful of liquid. So, I use smoothies as a snack, or a light breakfast on days where I'm just not that hungry. I do like the energy I feel from all that fruit though!
I just want a BIG SALAD, with lots of stuff!
I made this big salad for lunch, with Romaine, carrots, Persian cucumber, sunflower seeds, and Goddess dressing. I love Trader Joe's Goddess dressing, which I'm pretty sure is Annie's at a much better price. I rarely had Annie's dressings in Erie, because the price is ridiculous in my opinion. But Trader Joe's has allowed me to go back to my bottled dressing ways.
I cooked up some red lentils so that I could do my best take on the Spicy Red Lentil Wrap from Trader Joe's. I love that wrap so much, and I want to be able to eat it all the time! After perusing the webz for ideas, I realized that the original has a mixture of lentils, and bulgar. I have no bulgar, and no quinoa or other small sized grain, so I mixed a little rice in with my red lentils. I didn't write down a recipe, as this is a work in progress.
Pretty close for my first try!
I cooked my lentil/rice mixture in a little olive oil with some garlic, onion, and crushed red pepper. I forgot about the red pepper sauce/paste on the original, so I just had my wrap with the lentil mixture, and some shredded cabbage. I made my  sauce spicy by adding some sriracha to a garlic tahini sauce. Not bad for my first attempt, especially considering I had to really fudge some ingredients. This is a really fun recipe to continue to improve on! It definitely helped with my slump. I don't feel completely un-slumped, but I am steaming some tempeh as I type to make a curried tempeh salad! I'm trying to force myself to take little baby steps. I'm not going to be making a twelve course meal inspired by French cuisine anytime soon, but some simple dishes should be doable.
I've learned with slumps that it's best to let yourself slump, but for a limited time, and then slowly start pulling yourself out. Sometimes the smallest accomplishments can really make you feel better, and less slumpish.
Happy Monday!


  1. Well everything looks and sounds terrific!!!!

  2. Thanks, it wasn't too bad for my first try.