Friday, August 7, 2015

All Over The Place

I haven't had white chocolate in like a million years! When I was a kid, every Easter my grandparents would put a huge solid white chocolate bunny in my basket, and I would eat so much of it I would swear off white chocolate until next Easter of course. As an adult I stayed away from white chocolate, and focused on milk chocolate. Once I became vegan, I assumed white chocolate was off the table, until  I found out vegan chocolate existed. I still thought it was off the table, as it seemed like it had to be ordered online. Well, one of my favorite discoveries at Vegan Haven is vegan white chocolate! They had white chocolate bars, and bags of chips, which is what I chose.
Give these to someone you love!
These are Vegan Sweets white chocolate chips! I can't believe how amazing these are. I opened the bag last night to sample them, and make sure they're okay for baking. Wouldn't want to ruin a whole batch of cookies on some bad chocolate chips! I was instantly taken back to my childhood. This chocolate is creamy, and rich and sweet just like I remember that solid white bunny to be. I can't wait to bake something with these amazing chips. I also want to eat them plain. What a delicious decision to have to make! I will be going back for more and more of these.
I always liked the band Blur.
I was feeling kind of low energy yesterday, feeling weighed down by life and such. I wanted something easy but nourishing for dinner. I'm still struggling to get in my kitchen. I tried rearranging some cupboards and drawers the other day, but what I'm struggling with is the tiny space. Dylan has been super clingy lately, and likes to be right at my feet, and  I have almost fallen a gazzillion times to avoid stepping on him. It's something that I remember from living in Seattle before, small ass kitchens. It's just very cramped, and I feel pissed off when I'm trying to cook, which is not a feeling I l like to have when I'm cooking. I know it will become normal at some point, and I won't even notice that my kitchen was built for Ant-Man.
A hallway with a fridge and oven.
It's also very dark, with no window, dark cupboards and dark linoleum. I just have yet to find my Joy in that kitchen. So I just made a quick pinto bowl for dinner. I combined a can of pintos with some diced red onion, nutritional yeast, S&P, and a few dashes of hot sauce. I served that on top of some rice, with chopped cilantro and Romaine lettuce. I drizzled hot sauce and more nutritional yeast on top and called it a meal. It was very satisfying, and another reminder that simple is not boring or bland. I haven't found a great place to buy my bulk beans and grains yet, so until that happens I'm very appreciative of Trader Joe's prices on canned beans. Even the organic canned beans are a super deal. I am just so happy to have Joe back in my life.
Keeping me company!
 I leave you with this picture of Dylan and Scrappy. They are keeping me company as I type this. Happy Friday!

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