Thursday, August 27, 2015

Hulked Out Grapes

Another fun little video I saw this morning. Not all of the burgers tested are vegan, but a few are. They tasted one of my favorites, the Masala burger from Trader Joe's. I used to dream of that burger when I lived in PA.  I always like hearing non-vegan/vegetarians discuss what they like in a veggie burger. Some really do want that beef like flavor and texture, and some want an actual patty made of veggies. I just like non vegans so much more when they aren't eating meat!
I discovered yet another new grape, from the same company that brought us cotton candy grapes. They're called Moon drops grapes, and they are a dark purple.
New to me!
Even though I was suspicious of the cotton candy grapes, I decided to try these because I was intrigued by their shape.
They look like tiny eggplant!
They aren't as intensely sweet as the cotton candy grapes, but they are like grapes on steroids. The grape flavor is strong, and they are super juicy and crunchy. I really love the texture.
So loooong!

Hopefully tomorrow I will have some beautiful pictures of some gorgeous raw walnut tacos that I'm making tonight. I'm going to attempt to make a cashew based nacho cheese to go along, so hopefully it will turn out worthy of a recipe! I made a soyrizo lentil soup the other night, and wrote down all the ingredients, but it just wasn't all that tasty. It was edible, but I wouldn't say that I will ever make it again. You can't win em all! I'm trying to get all of my creative juices flowing for Mofo, which I can hardly believe starts next week!
Happy Thursday!


  1. I will have to be on the look out for these grapes, too! :)

  2. They are really delicious. I haven't come across a squishy one yet, they are all perfectly crisp. I'm really impressed!