Saturday, August 1, 2015

Only Joe Knows

I needed to get some groceries for the week, so of course I went to see my boyfriend Joe. I know I keep saying it, but I just adore Trader Joe's. I love how vegan friendly they are, and of course I love the prices! One thing I noticed is that a lot of the organic items are the same price as non organic, and when there is a price difference, it isn't by too much.
So nosy!
I got Romaine hearts, spinach, more Cruciferous crunch(love that stuff), shredded cabbage, cilantro, pineapple, Russet and tiny potatoes, some beets for juicing, two oranges, ginger, corn on the cob, and Shishito peppers. I've never used them, but I am eager to try them.
Only an ankle and a tail!
I also  got some lemons, rice, tempeh(great price!!) tofu, sesame oil, fresh rice noodles, pinto beans, everything bagels, Trader Joe's vegan cream cheese, a dark chocolate bar with raisins and pecans, and a jar of Trader Joe's raw and fermented sauerkraut with Persian cucumbers. I'm really excited about this. I usually cringe at the price of raw krauts, but this was a great deal. It was like $2.50 give or take. I also forgot to put my nectarines and a golden honeydew in the picture. I've never had a golden honeydew, so can't wait to try that one.
I wanted to talk about a struggle I'm having. I'm struggling with my relationship with a non vegan. This person has been in and out of my life for much longer than I've been vegan. This person is not only a non vegan, but also very much of a processed, junk food eater. So while some vegan food is an option, it's very limited, and not always the healthiest. Now, I am all for vegan junk foods here and there, but not as my standard diet. So meals are difficult, I've found myself cooking two different meals several times, which is not an easy clean-up. Other than cat food I don't allow meat in my apartment, but there have been times we've dined out, and I struggle with his food choices. I struggle with someone who not only eats meat, but chooses to eat at and support some pretty terrible food chains known for unsavory choices when it comes to farm animals. I have slipped and made a few snippy comments here and there, and I feel bad but at the same time when I am in my own home, I feel I should be able to vent, and rant and speak my mind in a way that you can't always do in public. We don't live together, so maybe as a temporary fix we just don't do meals together until I figure out a compromise. I don't know the answer to this one, and it's probably different for everyone, depending on individual perspectives, and also levels of respect, and so on and so forth. I don't think I'm judging the choice to eat meat, or junk food, it's just that I don't like to share meals with people voraciously eating flesh. And if they absolutely find it necessary, at least put some thought into who your supporting. It's the apathy that gets me. Anyway, just thought I would mention my struggle. I'm sure it's one almost all vegans face from time to time.
Happy Saturday!


  1. Still no Vegan Tiki Masala?!

    I cant advise anything positive on the non-vegan friend. Maybe rent 'Food, Inc' or another such movie that shows where his SAD comes from.

  2. Next week when I go, I am getting the Vegan Tika Masala for sure! I keep meaning to, and I forget. The vegan cream cheese is really good, and a good deal.
    I think Netflix has Food Inc., and a few others like Forks over Knives, etc. I won't give up!