Friday, August 21, 2015


Why don't I do this more often??
I forgot what a great breakfast avocado toast is! I don't know what it is,  but I always feel amazing after eating this. I like to mash my avocado with sea salt, pepper, and nutritional yeast, and sprinkle crushed red pepper on top. It's just so pretty!
I am someone who drinks tap water. I've never lived anywhere that has had horrible tasting tap water. I won't get into all of my thought and opinions on water in America(I have many) I'll just say I never bought into the bottled water craze. I've heard things about our water, but admittedly I've never really paid close attention. And I of course have heard many conspiracy theories on fluoride and why it's put into water. (It's not to keep our teeth healthy) While I have a deep love and fascination with conspiracy theories, I take most of them with a grain of salt. Well, the other day I woke up with a strong taste of soap in my mouth. Like I had gotten my mouth washed out. It wasn't the first time I woke up with this strange taste. It's happened too often to just call it a weird fluke. After a little webz search, I learned that fluoride toxicity can lead to a soapy tasting mouth. There are other reasons of course, but after looking at all of the possible causes, fluoride toxicity seems the most likely culprit. In my search I found out that some teas, including my beloved green tea contain fluoride as well! So, I am using water full of fluoride to brew tea that has fluoride! This all makes sense, because I do drink a TON of water, and I drink a healthy amount of green tea. I made the decision that day to buy a huge jug of filtered water, and my goal is to save money for a high quality water filter. Apparently Brita and Pur filters leave a bunch of stuff, including fluoride in the water. Bummer, as those are the most affordable, and easiest to find filters. If anyone reading this is interested, here is a list of bottled water without fluoride. Fluoride does some funky stuff to your body, I really think it should not be put in drinking water. I'm so grateful that my body shot me this little warning. Our bodies are so good to us, it's sad how often we take that for granted. Apparently if you drink fluoride filled water, you should include lycopene in your diet. So I feel like I should have something tomato based for dinner!
My next project is finding a substitute for green tea. I don't want to give it up forever, but I do want to cut back. Sometimes it feels impossible to be healthy, and to keep up on what weird things are going on with our food and water sources. All I know is I will be paying closer attention to the people on the bus who are spouting off conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory!
Vegan Pizza pizza!!
There is a very vegan friendly pizza place somewhat near me called Razzi's. This is the Razzi special. It has marinara, beyond meat crumbles, mushrooms, black olives, and daiya. It was okay. I stepped out of my pizza comfort zone, and I shouldn't have. I'm not really a fan of crumbles on pizza. I am happy to see such an extensive, almost overwhelming vegan selection, and they also have a very large vegan/gluten free menu which doesn't happen too often. Vegan respect is real!
Happy Friday!


  1. I made a similar Avocado Mash for my Dad a while back and he LOVED it and keeps telling his co-workers and friends about it! So funny and so cute! I LOVE my father! He's awesome LOL.

  2. That is awesome! Spreading the avocado love!!

  3. I agree, the bottled water craze is just creating tons of trash. So stupid. We had well water in Virginia and now we have a cistern (collects rain water). Maybe one day soon, you too will be living somewhere with a natural source of water.

    1. It might be difficult with an apartment, but I should look into a cistern, since it rains so much in the winter. I could probably sell my own water, ha. It's either a cistern, or a good quality filter because I can't stand being part of the problem.