Thursday, February 16, 2017

Spring is Near!

When I see flowers and little Daffodil buds starting to grow, I can't help but smile and know that spring is on it's way! I love spring so much, it's when I feel like making resolutions. Everything is fresh and new, and it just makes me want to start fresh.
Soon those trees will be full of green leaves and I can't wait! It was grey and gloomy for awhile here, and I have to admit it was getting to me. Grey and gloomy definitely doesn't help with depression.
I was out of potatoes for the past few days, and I was missing them so much! I scored ten pounds of them for two bucks!! I would have gotten more, but I have to look out for my back! I also scored a five pound bag of oranges for three bucks. I had to get some more Just Ranch cause oven fries. This is proof that vegan food is not expensive. It kills me when people say that. Any diet can be expensive or inexpensive depending on where you shop, and what you choose to buy.
For dinner I made some chunky potato wedges seasoned with lemon pepper. I don't think I've ever used lemon pepper, and I picked up a little in bulk to see if I like it. I do, and will be getting more. I love bulk spices because you save money and can buy as much or as little as you want. I dipped my fries in a combo of Just Ranch and Annie's sweet and spicy BBQ sauce. I really like that BBQ sauce, it has a nice little bit of heat. I think I see BBQ cauliflower wings in my near future!
Doesn't it look like Etta is taking a selfie? She has a habit of standing on her back legs and swiping at my hands if she wants to be pet. She's made me bleed quite a few times when I haven't been paying attention! You can see the determination in her eyes!
Happy Thursday!


  1. I know I have some more catching up to do on your blog posts - I will soon - I wanted to stop by and let you know that I will start posting more stuff on the private blog - I figure even if it's you and I who use it - at least it's a place we can vent...and education each other on findings, etc....thanks so much! HUGS!

  2. It's going to start getting warmer here in a few days and I can't wait! I'm currently sitting here freezing so warmer weather will be really nice. Great grocery haul! Looks like some great stuff for really affordable prices. Fake meat can be expensive but the core of the vegan diet is some of the least expensive food available. Bulk grains and beans, seasonal produce and other delicious things can be found at low prices.

    Love sweet Etta! So cute!

  3. Etta! What a cutie! Also, you're making me crave fries and ranch! I love that combo. I'll have to try combining ranch and BBQ sauce. :-)

  4. I love seeing the little signs of spring being on its way! Nice score with the potatoes; your dinner sounds great! Etta looks so cute & goofy! :D