Thursday, February 9, 2017

Hauls, Deals and Cats

Yesterday was a gorgeous spring-like day. I love how the snowy mountains are peeking in the background. I still can't really get over the beauty of the mountains all around me. It was so refreshing to have the temperatures in the fifties, and see the sun. I loved every second of it! Spring has always been my favorite season, and I know it's still winter, but yesterday reminded me that spring will come.
Lemon, red and sweet onion,sweet mini peppers,gold potatoes,avocado,spinach,popcorn,tofu,frozen pineapple,lemons,russet potatoes

I figured out how to rotate my upside down pictures so I can show my haul from the other day! I'm getting so techie!
Parsley,sugar,chocolate,olive oil,gluten free crackers,brown rice,olives, pepperoncini peppers,pad Thai sauce,BBQ sauce, white beans,coconut oil and vegetarian gravy mix, kale and nosy kitties

Smith's had the Pad Thai sauce on clearance for eighty cents! It's vegan, and surprisingly not full of scary ingredients. I haven't had Pad Thai in forever so that will be a real treat. I also scored on the brown Jasmine rice, two pounds for $1.29!!! And Natural grocers had the Annie's sweet and spicy BBQ sauce on clearance for $1.99!! I'm very lucky in that Smith's, Trader Joe's and Natural Grocers are all in the same vicinity of each other, so it's very easy for me to hit up all three places and score the most amazing deals. Natural Grocers is kind of pricey, but the have a clearance section that is pretty amazing.
This is one of the chocolate bars I got on sale and just WOW! This is in the top three best vegan chocolate bars I've tried! It has a perfect chocolate to nut butter ratio, and the perfect amount of salt. I highly recommend this! If you have a Natural Grocer's in your area, run don't walk because they're on sale!!!
I made this delicious pepperoncini hummus. I got the recipe from a YouTube channel that I love. Here is the recipe if you're interested. The only difference in mine is that I used white beans cause that's what I had!! If you like pepperoncinis you will love this!!
I'm using these crackers to dip. I think I mentioned that I am avoiding gluten as it is really bad for hypothyroidism. Gluten free anything can be really pricey, including crackers. These were on sale at Smith's, and I was pleasantly surprised when I read the ingredients to see they aren't full of scary, toxic ingredients. I'm not saying they are a health food, but they aren't that terrible either. And they have a nice, light texture. Pretty dang tasty to be honest.
I've been letting Afro come out on the deck for supervised visits. My neighbors have a big dog who also hangs out on the deck so we have to be careful. She's gotten a little big for her britches though. When I come home, as soon as I open my door she just strolls on out like she owns the world.
And now she's taken to meowing loudly and scratching at the door if she feels like she's being deprived of her outdoor time. Roxy has decided to be her partner in crime.
She also lays in front of the door alternating between giving me the side eye, and sad face. She's a handful outside because Brutus always comes out, and she tries to sneak to the stairs. She is just such a pill, but I love her so!!


  1. I've had my eye on that choco treat! Just might have to take the last step and PURCHASE it!!!! LOVED the kitty photos, too! Awwws

  2. Oooh everything looks amazing!!I love the sweet pictures of the fur babies too. Brings some warmth to my heart on this frigid winter day :)

  3. In Japan, (I think it is Japan), there are tea houses that have cats there. People are able to interact with the cats, which I think is a great thing. Are there any such places in your area? :)Bossy Flossie