Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Love Day

I made breakfast for dinner the other night and it was super tasty. I haven't made a tofu scramble in forever, and I've missed them! This  had potatoes, tofu, onion and kale and was spiced with turmeric, nooch, and salt and pepper. Doused with a little hot sauce and served on a slice of Ezekiel toast. I'm almost all the way gluten free, but I do keep a loaf of Ezekiel bread in my freezer for those random bread cravings. I'm having a hard time finding gluten free bread, and I know that sprouted bread is easier on the old digestive track. But it is a very rare treat.
I made a delicious batch of tomato-y lentil kale soup and had dinner for breakfast! I served it with my bargain bin rice crackers. These crackers are really tasty with a nice crispy texture. They hold up really well with soup. I wish I would have gotten two boxes of these since gluten free crackers can be pricey.
Speaking of bargain bins, last night I tried this garlic basil coconut rice I found on sale for $.99 a box! It wasn't as coconut-y as I was hoping, but it had a nice flavor and went really well with some oven baked tofu and of course sriracha! Another item I wish I would have gotten more of.
I'm really enjoying roasted dandelion tea lately. It's so good for you, and it's a nice replacement for coffee. It tastes excellent with this hazelnut creamer which I also found on sale. I still can't believe that I am caffeine free! If someone would have told me a year ago that I would be caffeine free, I would have laughed so hard. It feels good to be free of all of my vices.
Here's Kanye catching some rays. She is a little sun worshiper. She gets it from me, I have always and will always love the sun!
And for Valentine's Day, here is a cute cuddle shot of Etta and Kanye. I am surprised I got this picture because Etta usually moves as soon as she sees me trying to get a picture. I must have been super sneaky!
In some more good news, Coffee Mate is now making vegan coffee creamers! It's very easy to feel hopeless, especially with Agent Orange as our president, so these small little things matter. It's not enough, but it is progress.
Happy Valentine's Day! I think we all could use a day focused on love!


  1. I still haven't tried adding potatoes to tofu scrambles, but it sounds like such a good idea! Happy Valentine's Day to you & your kitties! :)

  2. Mmmmm, I haven't made a tofu scramble in forever either. I need to!! I've been craving breakfast for dinner lately. :-) I had no idea about the coffee mate, but yay!! I love seeing these mainstream companies releasing vegan products.

  3. Happy Belated Valentine's Day! What a lovely day, I am sure you made sure to get extra kitty snuggles. They are so sweet. The breakfast for dinner looks amazing! I need to make a tofu scramble, it has been way too long! Breakfast for dinner is my favorite :)

    I heard about the vegan creamers and I'm so excited! Between that and the Ben & Jerry's I feel so spoiled!

  4. That tofu scramble looks amazing! I want some RIGHT NOW!