Saturday, February 25, 2017

I Keep on Falling.....

I love libraries so much. The library is my Disneyland. The only place I love more than the library is probably used bookstores, only because I get to keep the books! My fondest memories as a kid involve going to the library. My mom was an avid reader, so we would go and just get stack after stacks of books. Nowadays I always have to remind myself that I can't do that because I don't have a car, and I need to lug these things home! The library here in SLC has a great selection of vegan and vegetarian cookbooks. It's a great resource for new vegans, or if you want to know if a cookbook is worth the price because they can definitely be pricey.
I stopped by Smith's for cat food and some bulk spices, and I found this Treeline cashew cheese on sale for four bucks! That's half the normal price. This is a rare treat since I never buy it because of the cost. I also found these Kettle dill pickle chips on sale for $1.39. I've been trying to avoid junk food, but at that price I couldn't resist. I love dill pickles, and I love chips so it had to be done. I also got some bulk raw slivered almonds for some vegan feta I plan on making sometime in the near future.
I also found the Ronzoni gluten free pasta on sale. Since I've been avoiding gluten I have found it so frustrating that gluten free breads and pastas can be double sometimes more than the price of regular breads and pastas.This was a great price and not full of junky ingredients.
Tofu,potatoes,lemons,frozen pineapple,almond milk,spinach,bananas
I also popped in to Trader Joe's for smoothie staples and of course potatoes. For me instead of an apple a day, it's a potato a day!
I needed comfort food when I got home. First thing in the morning yesterday when I was getting off the bus I fell. I don't know what I tripped over, but I mean I FELL. Like the kind of fall where you bounce a few times and your legs go over your head. At first I thought I didn't hurt myself, but I woke up in the middle of the night with my left foot really hurting, especially around my big toe. I guess I'm lucky that's all I hurt. I destroyed my pride though, it was very embarrassing, and I had to go all day being extremely muddy. Le sigh.
I made this creamy mac and cheese with almond milk, nooch, turmeric, smoked paprika and tapioca starch for thickener. I also added a little sriracha and stirred in a little of the Treeline cheese. The ronzoni gluten free pasta has a great taste and texture. It tastes the most like regular pasta of any gluten free pasta I've tried. Nothing like a bowl of creamy cheese-y noodles to soothe your soul!
Here's Etta drinking from the faucet! No matter how fresh the water in their bowl is, she prefers the faucet. She always follows when I go into the bathroom so she can jump up and have a sip!
Happy Caturday!


  1. I'm so sorry that you fell yesterday and I'm extra sorry that you woke up in pain. Sometimes the adrenaline from the actual fall can mask the pain but I hope that it is nothing more than bumps and bruises.

    Great looking hauls! I can't wait to hear how the feta comes out. Dill pickle chips are so good but it's so hard for me to find vegan ones because they tend to put dairy in them for whatever reason. Great finds at the library too! As the weather gets warmer here I plan on walking to my library too so I can get back into reading :)

  2. Looks like you found some great deals! Your mac & cheese sounds perfect! :) I hope your foot feels better soon!

  3. I hear ya about the Comfort Foods as of late. Nice Grocery Haul! And nice library grabs, too! Isa's AWESOME! I like everything I have read of hers!