Sunday, November 6, 2016

Stuff I Ate, and Stuff My Cats Did

I was feeling like tinkering in the kitchen yesterday. I love getting in the kitchen with an idea, and seeing where that idea takes me. Sometimes I stick to my original idea, other times it evolves into something very different than my original thought. I'm sure I'm not alone in this, but no one taught me to cook. When I was a kid, my mom cooked EVERYTHING. Like, we only went out to eat when it was a family thing. And my mom was strongly against processed food, anything processed actually. Like even as a small child, if I had a cold, she would make me this homemade medicine, which was chamomile tea with honey and whiskey. I would beg her not to make me drink it. To this day the smell of chamomile tea makes me shiver. Also the smell of whiskey. Gag. One of the many reasons bartending is a terrible job for me. So, although I was raised in a "homemade" household, I had to learn how to cook as an adult. It's taken quite awhile, but I'm at a point now where I feel pretty confident in my skills. That's a great thing about living alone, I only have to please myself! Since I've been a little blue, I decided to tinker yesterday. I wanted to make a green chili tomatillo sauce, and at first I was going to make green chili, but that morphed into white bean and gardein Chick'n enchiladas, with green sauce!
I kind of cheated a little with the sauce. I made a semi- homemade sauce! Ha, does anyone remember that show on Food Network? Semi Homemade with Sandra Lee! Anyway, I blended 2 small cans of salsa Verde with 5 tomatillos, a handful of cilantro, half a jalapeno, three green onions, and a little S&P. I then simmered the sauce for about five minutes. While that was simmering I sauteed the chick'n strips with the other half of the jalapeno, some Mexican oregano, and  white beans. I then made enchiladas and poured the delicious green chili sauce all over.
Before Baking
I also added a little FYH shreds on top. And of course some nutritional yeast. The sauce was so tasty! I really love the tang of tomatillos. And the jalapeno added the perfect kick.
Tinkering success!

Sushi Burritos!

I whipped these sushi burritos up the other day. Sushi burritos are so much more forgiving than traditional rolls, One burrito had avocado and green onion, and one had baked tofu, carrots and green onion. Really easy to make, and really delicious!

I took a little break from potatoes. I was eating them A LOT and I was starting to lose my love. So I took a break because I love potatoes too much to burn out on them. These were delicious. I dipped them in a vegan ranch/ BBQ sauce combo. Delicious!
Here is sweet Afro still loving her newspaper! This continues to be her favorite toy! She likes to keep it near, and she gets nervous when any other kitties have the nerve to play with it.

I walked by and saw Etta and Afro cuddling, and for whatever reason, the pink ball was right there!
It looks like they're both having a stare off with the ball! I am so grateful  that I get to live with these lovely ladies. Best roommates ever!
Here's Joan really getting her belly warm in front of the big vent. I've only had to turn the heat on in the early mornings for a short while, so she likes to get warm while she can!
I have therapy again tomorrow, so I probably won't blog because I have to leave even earlier since I have two very long bus rides ahead of me. And I still am dealing with this dang floating cursor so blogging now takes double the time. I tried one suggestion and that improved the floating, but it still happens and it's so annoying! The other suggestions are a little more in depth, and I'm scared to try. I always have this fear that I'm going to do something permanent and now my problem is even bigger.
Technology is so nerve wracking!
Happy Sunday!


  1. Your food looks great & the kitty pictures are adorable as always! Afro & Etta look so serious in their cuddle pose with the pink ball! Good luck with therapy tomorrow!

  2. Those enchiladas sound fantastic! And spicy...! I totally remember that semi-homemade show, some of her recipes were genius and others just terrifying, haha.
    Now that you know where you are going hopefully the trip to and from therapy will be easier, i'm glad you have a regular appointment now.

  3. I always see tomatillos at the grocery store and never knew what to do with them. I really need to try this green chili tomatillo sauce. It sounds amazing!

  4. Those enchiladas look so great! Kudos on the extra kick of Jalapeno.
    I don't eat potatoes often, maybe that's good - i wouldn't want to burn out on em either. They're so perfect.

  5. The enchiladas look amazing! That's so funny, my mom LOVED Sandra Lee. She loves semi homemade stuff :) I'm glad that you were able to get into the kitchen and make something delicious. It can definitely be therapeutic. The sushi burritos look amazing and hooray for potatoes!

    Good luck tomorrow!

    The kitties are so cute, love seeing them :)

  6. Nothing wrong with semi-homemade!
    I just am in love with how in love Afro is with her newspaper. <3

  7. Such cute kitties! And an affordable toy haha
    I love tinkering around the house and creating in the kitchen too.

    1. Thanks! They are cute and they know it! Tinkering in the kitchen is such a soothing thing to do!

  8. Tomatillos are so dang expensive! I would buy the cans any day! I only use fresh when they are in season at my CSA. I don't know why they are so pricey- they grow like weeds.

    I do remember that semi-homemade show. I remember she would always make some sort of sugary sweet cocktail for adults, and kids and they always looked so gross.

    1. Every now and then I find tomatillos on sale, but you're right they usually cost too much. That's why I usually buy a couple, and then compensate with canned.
      She definitely loves her cocktails, and her food usually scared me!!