Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Feelings, Food, Cats and Mofo!

I never get sick of the mountain views
I made it to my therapy appointment! I was forty five minutes late, because I had to take two buses, and it took over an hour to get there, but I made it. It was very scary because I was soooo far away from any part of the city that I have somewhat figured out. I was having the worst anxiety on my way there. While I was waiting for my second bus, I almost cancelled and caught a bus back home. But, I put on my big girl pants and went through with it. My therapist is very nice, and has a very kind manner about him. I feel like I almost said too much on the first session. It's like years of stuff just came spilling out. I have years of repressed feelings, hopefully I'm not too much of a mess for him! Anyway, I'm proud of myself for taking this step. It feels pretty good to make healthy choices. The only downside is opening up all my emotions, and then having to ride two buses after crying. But, I'm very lucky in that it's almost always sunny in SLC, and I have a pair of big sunglasses.
Since I'm a little behind due to last weeks computer virus, I thought today I would do a stuff I've been eating kind of post, starting with what I made last night. I got home and felt drained from the anxiety of getting there, and drained from the emotional stuff. I also walked a TON, so I was pretty hungry and tired. I needed a hug, so mac and cheese to the rescue! I made my usual lite coconut milk sauce, but this time I added smoked paprika and used FYH smoked Gouda. Oh my gourd, this was maybe my favorite mac and cheese I've ever made. If you can find the smoked Gouda, I seriously recommend trying it.
Creamy and so dreamy
One night I made curry Ramen. I used the regular old cheap-y noodles, threw away the gross seasoning packet and made a Thai red curry broth. I also threw in some oven baked tofu. This is the way to eat Ramen. Of course what doesn't taste good swimming in coconut red curry?
Best Ramen Ever!
More Noodles
I made this simple pasta one night. I was craving a simple angel hair with parsley dish and I threw in some corn for good measure. It was really tasty, and would be great in the spring and summer.
Of course I'm still drinking beet juice. I really do think it helps with mood. And it's just so dang pretty!
And I'm still drinking smoothies. My fave simple combo is spinach, frozen mango and banana. I seriously can't believe how great my smoothies turn out with this Ninja bullet. I'm able to make smoothies I've only dreamed about.
I made this delicious edamame hummus the other night using the food processor cup for the Ninja. Wow, so much easier than a blender, no water required! This is just edamame, half a jalapeno, cilantro, garlic and tahini. Really tasty. I had it for dinner with pita bread, stuffed grape leaves and garlic-y lemon-y potatoes from Veganomicon, which is a recipe I have memorized because I've made it sooo many times.
I love dip-y, snack-y types of dinners like this. With different textures and flavors that all compliment each other.
4 cat pile-up!

I'm slowly getting my laptop back to normal. I figured out how to get rid of Yahoo and welcome Google, and I have almost fixed my floating cursor problem. I say almost because it is about eighty percent better. I have to work on it a little bit at a time because I get frustrated fast when it comes to techie stuff. And, I'm always scared I'm going to hit the wrong button and really make things worse. Anyway, here's to pushing yourself kicking and screaming out of your comfort zone!
It's Vegan Mofo time, and although I'm bummed that I'm not participating, I'm also beyond excited for everyone's posts. It's just such a great time of year, and I always love reading the posts, and every year I discover new to me blogs which is always wonderful. So, happy reading and to everyone participating, happy posting!


  1. Congratulations on making it to the therapy appointment! It sounds like you're already working - good to know the therapist seemed kind and trustworthy. That's important.

    I loved smoked cheese so, next time I hit Whole Foods, I'm definitely going to seek out the Follow Your Heart gouda. Also, what's in that pasta dish? Corn? Whatever it is, it looks delish.

    Adorable cat pile. How come Etta is never involved in a snuggle sesh? Is she like all of my cats, anti-social?

    1. The FYH smoked Gouda is one of my favorite vegan cheeses. I loved smoked cheeses, and this really hits the spot. The pasta dish is angel hair, parsley and corn with salt and pepper. It was really simple, but really delicious.
      Etta is actually a total lover muffin, but she is the worst about having her picture taken. As soon as she sees me coming with the camera, she moves. She's as camera shy as I am!

  2. Happy to hear it all worked out even with it being difficult to get there! And what an incredible kitty cuddle pile, they all look so snuggly!

    1. I know, they make me want to be right in the middle of the pile!

  3. That ramen sounds brilliant!! I am totally going to make that! Your edamame dip dinner is my kind of meal too, i love making snacky plate style dinners.
    I'm so glad you did make it to your appointment, you should be really proud of yourself for pushing so far outside of your comfort zone.

    1. The Ramen was soooo delicious! That's going to be a regular staple for me this winter for sure!
      Thanks for saying that. I am pretty proud of myself!

  4. I am glad you were able to get there, even though it was a bit of a journey!

    The mac and cheese looks particularly delicious - such a creamy and cheesy looking sauce.

    1. It was so good! I really loved smoked cheeses as a pregan, so I'm glad we vegans have options too!
      At least next week I won't feel as much anxiety when I go to my appointment, because now I know where I'm going!

  5. I'm so happy for you that you made it to therapy and that you liked your therapist! Don't worry about "opening up too much" because that is what you have to do to get the most out of your therapy. I'm so excited for you for taking this step and I am so proud of you for being brave and getting there. I know the emotion that comes to the surface can be difficult to deal with but you are strong and I know you will be ok.

    You know I'm all about those stuffed grape leaves ;)

  6. Thank you for that. I've already been talking myself out of going to my next appointment. It's so tempting to just continue to shove everything down, but if I want to truly heal myself, I know this is what I have to do.
    Grape leaves are so delicious! I'm going to try to make my own someday!

  7. That is the best way to make ramen! It takes a little extra time, but making the broth from scratch with fresh or other mix-ins makes the stuff much healthier and tastier!

    1. I agree! The seasoning packets always make me feel ill.