Tuesday, November 8, 2016

E Day

I feel like it's appropriate to show another Loser Trump video on ELECTION DAY!! Does anyone else remember a scarier or weirder election? Like one of the nominees had to have his Twitter taken away like a child. The crazy thing is all the horrible things he has tweeted and said have only made him more popular. That's what makes me the saddest is even in Trump loses, all hiss supporters are still out there spewing hate and ignorance, and Trump has given them a voice. When I see the  reporter from The Young Turks interviewing people at Trump rallies, they're so freaking scary. They're filled with so much hate and fear, it reminds me of everyone I ever met in Erie. It makes me feel physically ill. This election has been the weirdest election in my lifetime for sure. It's gotta hurt Hillary a little, I'm sure she wishes she were beating a better opponent right? Like it can't feel that great to beat Donald Trump really. Anyway, I can't believe the day is here. I still remember so long ago watching TYT and thinking Trump would NEVER make it this far!
This is what Kanye thinks about Trump

I've been wanting to make cashew Alfredo with the Ninja bullet, and I still have some artichoke antipasto from Trader Joe's, so I decided to make artichoke Alfredo! I think the brand is Victoria Vegan, but they have an artichoke Alfredo. I remember Wegman's carried it. It was like eight dollars a jar, and I tried one flavor and it was okay, but certainly not worth the price in my opinion. I was inspired to copy their idea for much less.
I soaked about half a cup of cashews, and blended them with a little water, two cloves of garlic, nutritional yeast, S&P, and a spoonful of the artichokes. This was by far the best Alfredo I've ever made because of the Ninja! I almost cried it was so perfect. After it was blended I added another spoonful to give the sauce a little extra.

The artichoke antipasto from Trader Joe's is really delicious. It's just artichokes, oil and some salt and pepper. and vinegar.  But it's definitely not too vinegar-y at all. It's a lot tastier than some of the jarred marinated artichokes I've tried. This was a nice, decadent meal that felt super fancy. I would make this to impress someone for sure. And it's actually so easy. And much less than seven or eight dollars I might add!
I hope we all feel as calm, safe and secure as these two at the end of this nail biting day!


  1. I feel exactly the same as Kanye does about the Donald. You sound kind of confident that Clinton's going to win. I sure hope you're right because I'm really scared about it right now. I can't even watch the news coverage - it's going to give me high blood pressure.

    BTW - Artichokes are one of my all time favorite foods. Did you toss the ones that you didn't incorporate into the sauce in the dish? If so, this is definitely a meal I'm going to copy. Like, as soon as I can get my ass to TJ's.

  2. Urgh - What a horrible, horrible thing to wake up to. Although I'm an atheist, the only thing that comes to mind right now is the Serenity Prayer (popularized by 12-step programs):

    God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
    Courage to change the things I can,
    and the Wisdom to know the difference.

    Keep repeating that to yourself and try not to get overwrought. At least, that's what I'm doing.

  3. Grrrrrr! So out of it today and I know you know why! OYE! I dressed all in black today. I'm in mourning. Also...tried texting you last night but it was prob too late...so sorry about that :)

  4. I've never heard of Victoria Vegan, I wonder if only certain Wegman's carry it?

    1. I think Whole Foods might carry it, but I've only seen it at Wegman's. It's pretty pricey, like seven dollars a bottle. Wegman's carried it in their natural section, not with the regular pasta sauce.

    2. Yeah I probably wouldn't get it since 1) the price tag 2) your lack luster review and 3) I like the alfredos I make from scratch! But the name is very unique so I was surprised I've never heard of it before.