Friday, July 29, 2016

I've Hit A Roadblock and Need Help/Suggestions!

This is another very difficult post to write. I've had it up to here with these sad posts, and I'm sorry that this blog has become such a sad space. I called the shelter yesterday for an update, and also to give an update on my progress, and the person who I've been talking to Emailed me and told me that Chunk, Scrappy and Animal have already been adopted. I knew Chunk would be the most likely to get adopted first, because not only is he adorable on the outside, but he has an irresistible personality. He is the definition of FOMO. I mean, how could this happen so quickly? I saw the cat area of the shelter, there were TONS of cats! I am losing my mind. I feel worse right now than I have in a very long time. Every morning since this has happened, I wake up and my first thought is why hasn't Chunk woken me up yet? I have been finding some solace in knowing that before long, he will be waking me up again. I can't stand what is happening.
I need to get my remaining cats out of that shelter TODAY. I can't breathe this weekend knowing that the rest can be taken from me. If anyone knows anyone who lives in Seattle, and can help me, all I need is for someone to sign the adoption papers. I will pay the adoption fees, and take it from there. It's my only option. If I don't get my remaining babies back, all of this fundraising and job hunting is all for nought.
I cannot explain the pain I feel. I cried more yesterday than I have in a long time, and that's saying a lot as my days have been tear soaked lately. I can't let myself cry today though, because I have to save my babies today. I can cry and mourn when I know my babies can't be taken from me. I have a boarding place that I actually used when I first moved to Seattle, I boarded everyone there for the week it took to find an apartment. The man is a lovely guy who has an unbelievably clean space, and kindness seeps from him. I've already called to make sure he has room, and he does. I don't want anyone to think I'm doing anything fishy with any of the GoFundMe money, but I will have to use some for boarding them.
If anyone has any suggestions, knows anyone in Seattle who might help, or anything please let me know. I am racing against time here.
I know I have lots of thanks and retweets and stuff to do on twitter, and please forgive me if I'm not active today. It isn't that I've turned into an ingrate, it's just that life is really giving me a tough go, and I'm trying to deal with that.
Thank you all in advance for any suggestions, kind words, whatever, I need it all.
If there is anyone who knows anyone, or has a suggestion, my E-Mail is Thank you.


  1. Oh gosh, I am so, so sorry to hear this news. I know that this will be little consolation right now but you have given them an amazing start in life. Please try and keep focused on getting an apartment. Don't worry about replying to stuff on twitter, I will keep on tweeting and thanking people who retweet etc. It may be an idea to put your email address into the post above then anyone who may be able to help can contact you directly? I know you have just started at your job but is there anyone there who you can talk to just thinking it might help a little to have someone to confide in about what your going through. Sending big hugs xxx

  2. I hope you had some offers. I sadly don't know anyone in the Seattle area to recommend.

  3. So sorry I was out of the loop for a while! Glad some things are working out for you and the kitties tho!