Saturday, July 25, 2015

Yoga and Pesto

Although it's not my birthday, I liked the thought of a kind of rebirth, since that's what I've been doing. It's a grey, rainy day and i was feeling a little low energy, and after doing this practice I feel much happier. I swear it's the pigeon pose. Gotta free those bad emotions from your hips! I feel like some of the things she talks about in this video fit in with loving yourself, appreciating your body, and feeling grateful for all it does for you. Anyway, it's a really great practice and I thought I would share in case anyone else could use a little pick me up!
Vegan pesto!!
I made some pesto with some of the beautiful basil I bought at the Farmer's Market. I loosely followed this recipe. I used less oil, and also used sunflower seeds instead of pine nuts. I have never used pine nuts in a pesto because they are too dang expensive, even in bulk. The pesto is so rich and delicious. I have to think of ways to use it today. I've had worse days!
Happy Saturday!


  1. I love Pesto too. Have read about folks using it in Tofu Scrambles and on Sandwiches.

    1. OOh, maybe I'll put some in a tofu scramble. That sounds delicious! As a topping for a sandwich sounds great too. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Happy Birthday Yoga is a great idea and I know what you mean about the rebirth - I need to get back into it again I go in spurts!

  3. Yoga with Adrienne is a great channel when you do decide to get back into it!