Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Deluxe Apartment in the Sky

Finally, something I cooked!!
So I spent my first night in my new place with the whole family! It felt amazing, like I never wanted the night to end. Dylan is doing much better, he is on three different medications, one for hyperthyroidism, one is an anti-oxidant, and the other is for blood pressure. He needs an ultra-sound, the vet thinks he could have cancer. I almost had a heart attack when the vet showed me the estimate, however she suggested ASPCA's website, sometimes you can find charities and what not willing to help. She also suggested a Go Fund Me page. I will be doing both this week, in addition to finding the best job I can. He will get the ultra sound, one way or the other. He is almost back to his old self, his appetite is back, as is his sass. I take these as good signs, and I am choosing to think positively. I also feel like being back in Seattle is good for Dylan. He was born here after all. I feel like we both just couldn't handle the harsh weather in Erie. It's funny watching everyone adjust to living in an apartment complex. I lived in a duplex on the top floor in Erie, and so they really never heard other humans outside. This morning as people are leaving their apartments and walking down the hall, they just don't know what to think. One of the kitties thinks she's a dog,so she keeps running around growling. Silly girls. Dylan has lived in complexes before, so he has no fear. Everyone is adjusting pretty well now. I feel like all is forgiven, and we are all just so grateful and lucky to have a home!
My first meal cooked in my new kitchen was...... roasted garlic cashew Alfredo. Not too fancy, but I made this around midnight, after moving kitties, moving stuff, and doing general move-in things. What I love about cashew Alfredo is how fancy it feels, when it really takes so little time or energy. I tried to get pretty and artistic with the spinach, but honestly i could have done better. What can I say, being physically and emotionally drained makes me sloppy!
Lots of fruits and veg, and tons of green juice are in my future for the next few days. My body is in revolt. There are farmer's markets everywhere here, so it should be super easy to find some amazing stuff to make me feel like my old self.
I talked about Humm Kombucha last week sometime, and I had tried the strawberry lemonade which was amazing, however I just took a sip of their coconut lime flavor, and wow, wow, wow! It has such an amazing coconut flavor! I have really been blown away by some of these new to me kombuchas. I'm going to miss them when I go back to home brewing. I have learned that I need to step up my game! I have the brewing part down, gotta work on those flavors!
My apartment is in no way deluxe, but it is in a really high building, and I'm on the third floor and it is certainly the highest I've ever lived, and it is certainly the most I've ever paid, so it's pretty deluxe to me, and I have moved on up!


  1. Oh no! Vet estimates are the WORST! Eeeeek! Glad you got to spend time with the fam tho!

  2. They really are enough to give you a heart attack!

  3. I know you have to spare no expense to save Dylan, but my experience with a feline ultra-sound was a waste of time and money not to mention terrorizing for my cat. A load of hooey.

    1. Thank you for the information. I have no experience with feline ultra-sounds. He's already been so traumatized, I really can't stomach anymore. I'm going to call the vet tomorrow and talk about other ways of figuring out the next step. He seems to be doing better on this medication, so maybe that's a better choice. Thanks so much for the tip!