Friday, July 17, 2015

Some Things never Change, Thank Gourd.

How I've missed you!

Fresh lychees, Thai basil, fresh turmeric, banana peppers, sweet onions, delicious tofu puffs!     

It's another beautiful summer day in Seattle, and I just got back from one of my favorite places, Lenny's fruits & vegetables. It's a stand in Greenwood, very near one of my old apartments. They have a wide variety of produce, especially unusual stuff that you can't always find at groceries. I got a huge bag of Thai basil for under two dollars. I got that whole bag of lychees for $2.79! I just ate some, and wow are they good. The texture is like a grape, but it's sweeter, with an almost perfumey taste, but in a good way if that makes sense. These won't last long.  The great thing about Lenny's is they are open year round. It's the same family running it as before I left. It's very comforting. It's also a great resource for people on tight budgets, who still want to be able to have some fruit and vegetables in their life. The tofu puffs are these delicious squares of fried tofu, like really fried, probably deep. The name is correct, as puff is the only way to describe the texture. I dreamt of these while I was away! They aren't the healthiest, but after three plus years of being deprived, I  just had to. Okay off to eat more lychees.

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