Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Purple Rain

After.... much better!
Before... yuk!
I don't know why the pictures switched around like that. I had them in the proper before/after order. Anyway, weird computer tricks aside, paint day was a success! I feel so much calmer, and happier. This was only my second time ever painting. As anyone who rents knows, you usually aren't allowed to paint, or change anything in the home. Painting is easier than I expected. I learned that I enjoy doing the trimming, or edge work. The color is deeper than the picture. I didn't realize how hard it is to photograph purple! First it looked too blue, then too red. I had to just do a close up.  Deep, rich colors are my favorite. I even managed to stave off any fur/paw prints!
I recently discovered a few new to me YouTube channels(vegan) and I wanted to share the love. One is SweetPotatoSoul, and she has some delicious looking recipes, including one for sweet potato falafel!! Another is The Vegan Geeks, which is a pretty new channel, and they have fun haul, recipe, and vegan traveling videos. The third is a channel I loved in the winter, it went away for a bit, and now they're back Sim's Kitchenette. They have delicious looking recipes that really make you want to hop in the kitchen. Now that I am taking all of these drastic steps to improve my life, and be a productive vegan, I just can't handle many of the YouTube channels I used to watch. I can't handle the negativity, and the constant response, response to this response, response to that response, and on and on. I also can't handle the food, and body shaming. I know that the vegan movement needs all kind of voices, including the more aggressive voices. But I don't think the vegan movement needs gossip, meanness, body shaming, and endless YouTube responses. Some of the vegan YouTube videos remind me of everything I loathed about high school, and also most workplaces. Anyway, these three channels are refreshingly positive, and represent the vegan image I believe in. Healthy, happy, and warm and nice. I believe we should be ripping apart the farming industry, not each other.
Happy hump day!!!