Monday, July 27, 2015

Hummus and Pasta Heart Each Other!

Basil hummus pasta!
I saw this idea for hummus as a pasta sauce awhile ago on a random YouTube video, and I finally got around to trying it! I blended a can of chickpeas with two garlic cloves, a handful of basil, some salt and pepper, and a drizzle of olive oil. Usually I use tahini in my hummus, but that is a staple I haven't replenished yet. After making my hummus, I cooked a little less than half a package of Cappellini, than combined the hummus with the pasta. I also added a little bit of the cooking water to help thin it out and combine with the pasta. It was really tasty. It was creamy, almost like an Alfredo, minus the fat! It's also the kind of meal I love, super cheap and easy, but really healthy and rich! I served it with a salad of butter lettuce and spinach with sunflower seeds and sliced green olives. This will be on regular rotation in m kitchen. I like it too because you can switch up the seasonings in the hummus to make it different every time you make it. I always like a reminder of how simple food can be so delicious.
Sleepy, rainy Sunday
Simple meals are something I need right now as I adjust to my new kitchen. It's not an easy adjustment. My old kitchen was so big, with tons of cupboards, room for a kitchen table and chairs, and it also had a window. My new kitchen is the size of a tiny closet, with less cupboards, and it's just really cramped. I'm constantly forgetting to close a cupboard, and then almost knocking myself out. I also have almost zero counter space. If I'm in the kitchen and one of my kitties wants to hang out, it's maddening because there just isn't enough room for even me, let alone anyone else.  Between the lack of space, and not having built up my pantry yet, cooking has definitely taken a turn in the simple direction. I find myself wishing I could have moved my apartment in PA. to Seattle. I know that I will adjust to the smaller kitchen, and one day I will be cooking up a storm in there, but for now its kind of rough.
I'm really excited, because Seattle actually has a small, vegan grocery store called Vegan Haven in the university district, (or the U-district if your hip) and the store is owned by a pig sanctuary! So everyone who shops there is helping to support the greatest cause! From some of the reviews I've read, they have a great selection, and reasonable prices. I'll be the judge of reasonable prices, ha. I'm super excited to go, and I will of course take pictures, and show my haul! The store is mostly run by volunteers, which is also really cool. It would have to be something really special to draw me to the U-district, as it's not my favorite part of Seattle, and I would say a vegan store that benefits Pigs Peace Sanctuary is something really special! It's going to be amazing to be able to just buy anything without having to read any labels!! I read somewhere that they have a decent selection of vegan milk chocolate. While I have come to appreciate dark chocolate, I do miss milk chocolate.
Happy Monday!


  1. That is awesome news about 7-11. I hope Just Mayo gets here soon. I can get a Vegenaisse, but Just Mayo is so much better.

    1. Just Mayo is soooo much better. I feel bad because I used to swear by veganaise, but I had to say goodbye! I found a Just Mayo Garlic mayo at Grocery Outlet. It is mind-blowing!

  2. Please dont tell me I commented on the wrong post. I give up. Goodnight.

  3. Two comfort foods in ONE :) Yummo!

  4. Exactly! Comforting and easy and inexpensive!