Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Vegan Haven!

I made it to Vegan Haven! It's a small, unassuming building kind of at the tail end of the "ave". It's about the size of a small bodega. But it's sooo much better.
All kinds of vegan goodies!
This was the first refrigerated case I saw. It contained Eat Pastry cookie dough, various vegan yogurts, vegan cinnamon rolls, jello, and some Sweet and Sara cookies and huge marshmallows.
Look at all this vegan cheese!!!
I finally found the new FYH Mozzarella slices, and also the American cheese block. I also totally splurged on a container of scallion Treeline soft cheese. That stuff is PRICEY! They also have Punk Rawk Labs cheeses!
This case had me dreaming of sandwiches!
They have an amazing selection of vegan meats, and all kind of sausages I never knew existed!
Pizza, roasts, and veggie burgers
So many vegan ice creams!!
Did you know Gardein makes an actual veggie burger? Like it's called veggie burger. I got a package, and cooked one for a non-vegan with a slice of FYH mozzarella, and it got all the thumbs up! It will appeal to the vegans and non vegans who don't appreciate the more "meaty" veggie burgers. If you notice on the top shelf, they also have daiya cheesecakes! Woot woot! They were out of the chocolate, they had strawberry and one original, so I chose the original. I'm going to make a berry sauce with some Farmer's markets berries for a topping!
Cream cheese, sour cream, tofu, and more sausages!
It was so exciting to know that I could throw anything into my basket, and it was all safe! I realize in all of my excitement, I didn't get any pictures of the shelves. They had so many different types of boxed mac and cheese, and they had all kinds of cool sauces and such. I will be going back to this amazing store, so next time I'll get all the nooks and crannies!
Tofurky Quiche?  Tofurky pot pies and pockets!
I just wanted to get one of everything!
I need to try this soon!
Part one of haul.
Treeline scallion soft cheese, FYH Mozzarella slices, and American block just for fun. Vegan white chocolate chips are something I never thought I would have in my life! I also splurged on this fancy box of vegan milk chocolate truffles. I am in love. Across the street from Vegan Haven is a vegan cafe called The Wayward Cafe, and  they provide some ready made sandwiches, wraps, and this amazing potato salad. This potato salad is hands down the best potato salad vegan or not that I have ever had in my life. Amazing. It had broccoli in it, which seemed strange at first, but it fit right in!
Part two
Daiya cheesecake(!), a vegan potato knish, because I've never had a knish, vegan or not. A vegan red zinger, which was amazing! And I finally found the Earth Balance white cheddar puffs. I love these babies. I have been looking for them for soooooo long!
I had to get some pins, one is for the Vegan Haven, one says make tofu not war. You might wonder why I would choose a Synergy Kombucha when I've been going on and on about all the varieties. Two answers, one is the flavor is grape, which I have never had, and I am a sucker for anything grape, including apes! Also, it's the kind of Synergy that is in a dark bottle and has to label that it has alcohol. The Coco Whip of course needs no explanation.
It was so wonderful to shop and not have to walk by and smell the meat and fish department. Coming from the land of meat and potatoes, and maniacal people who love to hunt, this was a much needed experience. The guy that was working was sooooo nice, and we had a great conversation about vegan foods, and it was again so nice to be relating to someone, and they're relating to me. And of course I love that I got some delicious treats, and my money is going to something I believe in.
For the most part the prices are very reasonable. Their Chao, FYH, And Field Roast meats are the cheapest I've seen in Seattle so far. Some of the prices are heart attack inducing, but that's to be expected at a vegan specialty store. I will be back again and again. I also picked up an application for volunteering at the store!
If you are ever in or near Seattle, please do yourself the biggest favor and check out the amazing Vegan Haven!
Have you ever shopped at an all vegan store?


  1. What an awesome store. I believe Seventh Day Adventists have vegan stores, but Vegan Haven seems more geared towards more modern diets.

  2. I was just reading about Seventh Day Adventists. I never realized they were vegetarian. It makes sense to me that anyone who is religious would want to be kind towards ALL living things. Vegan Haven is seriously the coolest store I've ever been to! I love it so much.

  3. OMG! WOW! It's like a bright light from the sky shined down and angels sang and trumpets sound! I'm so jealous...but in a good way! LOL

  4. It was an amazing experience to shop in a store with all things vegan. I wish I could have bought one of everything! Needless to say, I will be shopping there often!