Sunday, June 11, 2017

Budget Vegan Haul

There is a YouTube channel I discovered in the last few months and I really, really enjoy it. It's No Egg Craig and he and his family are just so nice, and funny and warm. It's become one of my favorite channels, and I want to be part of the family if I'm being honest. He does quite a few vegan budget challenges which I love because I'm on a budget so it's so relatable. And it's so helpful because so many people think vegan food is expensive. I've mentioned it before, but I get asked about the expense more than protein. So, I'm doing a thirty dollar a week challenge myself. I will be eating all my meals for seven days on thirty dollars. That works out to around four dollars and some change a day for food. I've lived on much, much less to be honest.
I did some shopping yesterday and spent around fifteen dollars, and I will spend my other fifteen later in the week. I don't like to meal plan, as soon as I do I all of a sudden I  don't want any of the food I planned on so this leaves me some room to be the spontaneous person that I am.
I went to Sprouts first because they were having some amazing sales on produce. I have to chuckle at myself because when I was a kid I used to roll my eyes so hard at adults who scoured the sale flyers and made lists for groceries, and now here I am doing the same thing! But I don't go to Sprouts that often because they can be more on the Whole Foods price range, but if you check their flyers they can have some really amazing deals too.
Cilantro, blueberries, brown rice,avocado,apricots, ataulfo mangoes,English cucumber, limes, Jasmine rice, ten pounds of potatoes!
I got all this stuff for nine dollars! If you have a Sprouts near you and need some produce you should go! I'm super happy to be able to have all this produce on a budget!
I didn't buy these of course, but I saw them at Sprouts. I didn't realize Hilary's made breakfast sausages. Has anyone tried them? I have to admit Hilary's burgers aren't my favorite, I find them to be a little dry but the sausages look pretty good.
Bananas, lemons, red lentils, 1 onion, bulk garbanzo beans, bulk spices

I picked up a few things at Trader Joe's and Smith's. The Garbanzo beans in the bulk section were on a crazy sale so that was a total score.
Smith's also had this Yves tofu on sale for $.99 and the chipotle Just Mayo on sale for $1.99! I had to get it. Since I'm going to be eating a lot of potatoes I really enjoy dipping my fries in this and what a great, budget friendly price!
I also saw this at Trader Joe's! They are getting in on the kombucha trend! Decent price too. I can't wait to try it. I do wish it were in bottles and not cans because I reuse the bottles but at least it isn't more plastic I guess. And ginger is one of my favorite flavors too!
So, I think I did pretty dang well for fifteen dollars, and I think I'll be able to make some tasty food.
Yesterday I had the usual kitchari for breakfast, and oven fries for dinner, along with this tasty banana, apricot, blueberry, maca powder and hemp seed smoothie. Check me out even having superfoods on a budget!
I know this post is getting long, but before I go I have to show this delicious dinner I had on Friday night. It was another thrown together meal that turned out to be one of my favorite things I've eaten in a very long time!
I cubed some potatoes and seasoned them with garlic and onion powder, and topped them with some chickpeas I simmered in BBQ sauce, and topped it all with green onion and a dollop of the daiya blue cheeze. This was seriously so, so amazing! The BBQ sauce got all absorbed by the potatoes and it was just a delicious flavor bomb! I can't wait to try it with spicy buffalo chickpeas!
Here's Kanye living and lounging to the fullest! She loves to show off her belly, and it's so cute it's easy to understand why!


  1. I am always jealous of your sale finds! I am too lazy to look for bargains and I try and save money by keeping focused on what I need (ie think wow this is on sale I'll get it, when i don't need cookies/chips/snacks)

    I am super pumped about the canned kombucha at Trader Joes! I think cans are better than glass because 1) I now have to worry about my kid playing and breaking glass 2) Glass can break at the recycling plants which is bad for workers 3) Lighter, meaning less gas for transportation and 4) Aluminum is now the most desired recyclable material I know that if I toss a can in the recycling bin it will most liking be reused.

    1. I do remember reading that aluminum can be recycled over and over and over as opposed to plastic which at some point can't be recycled. And you're very right about the glass breaking. I just like being able to reuse the glass bottles since I don't have a recycling bin at my apartment.
      But I can't wait to try the ombucha, I have a feeling it's delicious!

    2. Ah true! I have so many saved kombucha bottles when I use to make it at home.

    3. I have a whole cupboard full of them! I just need to buy a scoby and start brewing!

  2. I'm so jealous of your Trader Joes! We have Whole Foods about 40 miles away but it's so expensive. In the same town is a Natural Foods store that I enjoy going to and find some good deals there too sometimes. I need to check out that No Egg Craig. It sounds very entertaining and educational. Good luck with your challenge. I've had to scrimp and save my whole life and can't imagine not trying to save money while food shopping. I know I'm new to your blog but I have read a lot of it and your other one. I just have to say that I know you don't have close family around you but this blog and the other few that I read seem like family at times. Us vegans have to stick together :)

    1. I never really go to Whole Foods because they are just too pricey. I know sometimes they have sales, but I never know when they are going on. Plus, I feel like I don't belong there. Like everyone shopping there has more money than me and I just feel awkward. And I see all this cool stuff that I can't afford and it's just kind of toxic for my mental health to be honest.
      No Egg Craig is such a great, uplifting channel. I really enjoy it. He and his family are just so positive!
      I've had to scrimp my whole life too. This challenge actually isn't really a challenge to me because this is just how I've lived pretty much my whole adult life. I've had to live on ten dollars a week for food to be honest.
      I agree about family. Family isn't always just blood relatives. And often family doesn't understand veganism, and why we're vegan so we really do have to support and be there for each other!

  3. I was reading this post last week but it must have been on my phone because I didn't comment! Oops! Sorry! Everything looks terrific!

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