Sunday, April 16, 2017

Laughs, Hauls, Foodz and Cats

To everyone who celebrates, I hope you're having an amazing day filled with love and compassionate, delicious food. I had to share this clip, I know I needed the laugh desperately. Ever since I've been a little kid I have had a very intense fear and serious anxiety when it comes to nuclear weapons, and given the current state of affairs I've been having serious anxiety. So comedy is always a nice little distraction. Melissa McCarthy nailed it as always.
Yesterday I picked up a few groceries so I figured I'd show my little haul. It's not very big or exciting, but hey. I also made a really tasty dinner out of some of the haul items so I'll show that as well.
Lemons, Romaine hearts, butter lettuce,tofu, red lentils, green dragon sauce,frozen strawberries,mushrooms, and bananas
I really wish I could buy a huge Costco size vat of the green dragon sauce. I have come to love it on just about everything.
Brown rice, broccoli, 10 pounds of potatoes, bulk spices, nooch and hemp hearts, onions, blackberries, green onion, chocolate bar
Yesterday was my lucky day because Smith's had ten pound bags of potatoes on sale for $1.99!!! I have been trying to buy organic potatoes whenever possible because I eat so many of them, but who on earth could pass up that deal? Well, people not on a budget I guess, but not me. I'll just scrub and peel this batch. I usually shop at Trader Joe's for most things, except when Natural Grocers or Sprouts have exceptional sales. Then, when I hit Smith's for cat food an litter I get odds and ends like bulk spices and green onions. Since I don't have a car to stash my groceries in, I hit Smith's last because cat food and litter can be heavy to lug around another store. So, what I've started doing is perusing Smith's first to get an idea of any sales and also WooHoo sales. They don't always have all their sales in their weekly sales adds. Like the potatoes were not in their weekly which I think is a huge oversight on their part, especially for a holiday weekend. Just another little money saving tip. Trader Joe's stuff is always the same price, and nine times out of ten they're cheaper than anywhere else, but every once in awhile they aren't.
For dinner I made some hoisin glazed mushrooms and cabbage, oven baked tofu and Jasmine rice lettuce wraps. I also made a spicy hoisin dipping sauce. This was so delicious and fresh tasting. I think butter lettuce is the best lettuce for wraps because it's very flexible, and has a nice mild flavor. I just love wrapping things and dipping them. Eating with your hands is always fun, and I don't do it nearly enough.
Here's Etta and Afro sleeping cheek to cheek, just not the cheeks on their faces! Notice Afro's beloved newspaper is right there. It's so funny how much she loves that toy!


  1. It probably makes me a terrible person but I just cannot cope with most of the stuff going on in the world at the moment so I have been listening to Buffy podcasts instead of watching the news. :/

    Your lettuce wraps look so tasty! I love hoisin sauce so much!

    Hee hee, butt cheeks.

    1. It doesn't make you terrible, it makes you sane. I am so terrified of what's going on that I can't handle it! That's why I seek out things to make me laugh!
      Hoisin sauce is so incredible, it makes everything better!

  2. I'm going to have to look up what we call butter lettuce and give wraps like that a try. I really love hoisin sauce. One of my favourite pizzas has hoisin sauce spread over the base which is then topped with sliced parboiled potato and red onion. I can't believe Afto still has the newspaper!

    1. I know butter lettuce is also called Bibb lettuce. I just Googled it, and it looks like it's called butterhead.It's flexible and crunchy so it doesn't break when you wrap it.
      I still need to try that pizza. I remember seeing it on your blog and with potatoes and hoisin it's right up my alley! Now that I've found a vegan and gluten free pizza crust I need to make that happen!

  3. Yup! I'm with ya! Terrifying! I'm so stressed and not just for the US for the whole world!

    Your bowls and casseroles have been TOP NOTCH the last several months! Keep the vegan foods comin'! YAY!

    I love trying different kinds of lettuce!!!!

    1. I am scared, sad and mad for the whole world too.
      Thank you so much!
      Butter lettuce is definitely my favorite. It's so creamy and crunchy!