Monday, September 12, 2016

Manic Monday

So pretty!
Look what I got in the mail! I covered up my phone number because it is the interwebz after all! The back is blank like a post card, and I will fill in information like pricing, references available, etc. Also, I'm going to offer poop scooping services for people's backyards. I hope the handwritten information is considered charming, and adding that "personal touch" not unprofessional and tacky! I have several plans of attack. First is passing these out to my neighbors, and people I see around walking their dogs. Next, go to the big park near my apartment and hand them out. (Make sure it's the dog owner, not a competing dog walker) And next take them to various apartment complexes that have an office/community bulletin board. Also, there is what looks to be a senior apartment complex (named after Mitt Romney, ha ha) where I see people coming and going with their dogs, and I plan on hitting that place too. Even my bank has a community bulletin board I can post! Rachel also said she will take me to dog parks and areas like that! I also live right by a grade school. Like the school is my backyard. On weekends tons of people take their dogs to the school to run around, so I'll be stalking them as well. No dog parent is safe! I'm trying to really focus hard on my neighborhood because since I'm still getting lost when I leave my safe zone, and I'm still figuring the buses out, it just seems safest.
I got this book at the library on Saturday. I had never heard of Chris Guillebeau before, but the title of the book caught my eye. I was looking for a book to help guide me in what I'm trying to do, and this is what I chose.
I want to be a better human being, not just for myself, but for the world. We need all the positivity we can get, and I want to be part of the positive force, not the negative. The real, authentic me is someone who wakes up cheerful, and I believe that good things can happen, and I truly believe things can change for the better. But that has gotten muddled through the years, to the point where I'm ashamed to admit how many days of my life I've woken up dreading the day, being pissed and miserable all day, and spending the whole day just wishing it would end. And you don't get that time back. I've probably spent more of my life wishing the day to be over than appreciating and enjoying the day. And that makes me sad. That's not the life that I want, it isn't me. I don't want to be around negative people anymore, people who are dream killers. You know, the people who can find the negative in anything. I want to be around people who enjoy life, truly enjoy it, people who are inspired, and inspiring, and I want to be inspired and inspiring.
I'm sorry, I'm going on and on. It's just that I so desperately want to accomplish this goal of mine. I feel so determined!
I made some pinto bean and rice burritos for dinner. I love this salsa from Trader Joe's, it's seriously my favorite pre made salsa, and it's under two dollars a jar!
Speaking of food, I am proud to say that my original haul of thirty eight dollars, plus the few things I picked up to last over the weekend lasted me until today! So ten days. I'll just round up and say I spent a total of fifty dollars for ten days for all meals. And I didn't feel bored or deprived.  I also feel like I had a well rounded diet with greens, and fruit and such.
So, this morning I'm going to get some groceries, and of course I need cat food, and then I will be stalking all people with dogs.
Yin and Yang
This is one of Etta's favorite places to sleep. Right nest to my bed. Yesterday Roxy joined her, and it was too cute to not snap. Don't mind the empty booch bottle, at least it isn't beer!
Happy Monday!


  1. Love the cards. They look great. The design is lovely.

    1. Thanks, I know they could be better, but for a shoestring budget I'm happy. I think they're really pretty too!

  2. Best of luck with spreading the word; your business card looks really nice!

  3. I hope you get a lot of bites on the dog walking gig! And I don't mean dog biting...people CALLING you LOL. Good Luck! Love the cards! So nice looking!

  4. Love the cards! Very simple and classy. Did the company offer a bunch of different designs?

    BTW - I created a blog a few minutes ago so I could comment without being anonymous so I hope it works. If it does, please visit and check out my kitties (it's my only post so far).

    I just stopped by to check in and tell you that you've been a real inspiration to me these past few weeks. I rarely step out of my comfort zone and to see you pick up and move to a new city to start over seems like a very courageous move. I've lived in the same town my entire life! So I can't even imagine it, really. Plus (and I hate to admit this), I'm a failed vegan. Although I'm most of the way there, I still break down and eat cheese occasionally [and then hate myself for it]. So your yummy food posts are inspiring me to try harder and do the right thing. You have a new fan/follower (if that doesn't sound too weird and stalkery).

  5. They had a few different designs, none of them were as dog walker-y as I wanted, so I settled on the flowers. I think if I get some clients, my next investment will either be flyers or business cards. They have many more options in both of those categories.
    I'm totally going to check out your kitties!
    I sometimes wish I had just one place where I lived, and I've lived there my whole life. I guess we always want what we don't have. I can say that packing up and moving to a new city can be really good for your psyche. I will always consider my move to Seattle with my black plastic garbage bag one of the best things I've ever done for my life.
    That doesn't sound stalkery at all. I really appreciate that. If it makes you feel any better, I tried to quit smoking for so long, I stopped counting. I really struggled with that, and I really hated myself for slipping. But, I just kept trying until finally it stuck. And they are really starting to excel in the vegan cheese department, so one day vegan cheese will be a perfect replica!!