Saturday, September 3, 2016

Haul on a Budget and Caturday!

Well, I made it to my interview on time, and although I did have to stop and ask for directions twice, I made it on time! I don't even think I was too sweaty! Progress! My interview was in the same general area as Natural Grocers and other stores. I decided to get some groceries from Trader Joe's since I was there. The bus is $2.50 every time I take it, so whenever I can multitask and do several things on my transfer I try to do that. I swear if you're on a budget, Trader Joe's is the place to shop. I feel so happy that SLC has one. I missed Joe so much when I lived in Erie!
Lettuce, coconut milk, potatoes,spinach,tortillas,roasted seaweed,vegan shreds, Jasmine rice
English Cucumber,lemons,pizza dough,tofu,avocado,shredded carrots,salsa,black beans,frozen pineapple and frozen mango, and french fries
This haul was around thirty eight dollars and some change. I will be using this to make meals for the next six or seven days. I tried making a meal plan, and being all super organized about it, but in the end I have no meal plan, and I will just be making stuff out of what I have. That's the way I work best I've learned. When I attempt to make a meal plan, it makes me lose my appetite. I get annoyed, and frustrated, and instantly bored. When I try to stick to a meal plan, I also don't crave any of the meals I've planned out. The only things I forgot are some green onion and also cilantro and or parsley. Fresh herbs are a life saver! So when I go to get cat food I will pick those two items up. I think forty dollars for all meals for six or seven days is pretty good. And I will still be getting fresh fruits and veg in, so it's a total win.
And since today is Caturday, you know I have to show pictures of my sillies! They like to invade my space in the kitchen. I know some people are grossed out by animals being on counters, or around food, but I've never felt that way.
As you can see, Joan is in the background drinking out of my Brita, and Kanye just finished her sip.
Etta having her turn!

A great place for a rest!
Hello up there!
If you notice, the cupboard above the fridge is open because they like to nap on top of the fridge, and also in that cupboard. It's fine because I'm not tall enough to even use that cupboard, so it might as well be a kitty den!
A room with a view!
Once I have an income, I want to get them another cat tree. I thought I was going to put it in their room, but they love the window in my room so much more. I think there's a lot more squirrel activity. So maybe I'll have to put it in my room, and fiure out what to do with their room. Maybe some of those cat shelves or something?
Happy Saturday and Caturday!


  1. Impressive haul & hooray for Caturday! How convenient that the cupboard that's too high for you is just right for the kitties! :)

    1. I know! Sometimes Etta will appear out of nowhere, and it used to freak me out, until I realized she was coming from the cupboard!

  2. Loved seeing the haul and the furkids!!!!! They look GREAT!