Sunday, January 25, 2015

Veganic Bread!!

My splurge for this week was on a loaf of bread of all things! I read somewhere on the webz awhile ago about a bread named Veganic. Love the name. Then, I found out that this line of bread, made by a company called One Degree Organic Foods has a lentil grain loaf! Given that I love all things lentil, it really had to be at some point. My local Co-op has had it in their freezer section alongside the Ezekiel bread. It's pretty pricy, and I am very hesitant sometimes to spend my splurge on an unknown. Yesterday was my lucky day, the Co-op had the Veganic breads on sale! Still pricey, but I needed sliced bread, so in my basket it went.
I decided to heat up a Hilary's veggie burger (adzuki bean & cumin yum) and pile the burger, some veg, and mustard on this new to me bread. I very lightly toasted it in the oven, and piled it high. I am in love. I find sliced bread to be a difficult product to find sometimes. The cheaper whole wheat breads have some scary ingredients, but while I do love Ezekiel bread, sometimes I don't want bread to be so healthy. I don't know if that makes sense, but Ezekiel is very dense, and it lets you know, "hey, I'm hearty and healthy". Which is great, but sometimes I want a less aggressively hearty bread.
The lentil bread is softer than Ezekiel, and while it tastes like a good whole grain bread, it doesn't overpower. It held up very well in my sandwich, and I put it to the test! I had avocado, lettuce, Just Mayo, homemade mustard, and lots of it! This delicious bread did not get soggy, nor did it fall apart. I love it. It has seven ingredients!!All organic- Whole wheat flour, Raisins (I was scared it would be too sweet. Not at all, I promise.) gluten flour, quick oats, lentils, yeast, and unrefined salt.
I think I might be hooked. I find sliced whole grain bread to be too soft, too hearty, too hard, or too toxic. This bread is the perfect hearty texture. I decided to try it on it's own, for the sake of this blog, (oh the sacrifice) so I toasted up a slice, and put a little coconut oil on, and I am now enjoying the best slice of toast I've had in awhile.  I'm dreaming of a grilled daiya swiss cheese sandwich.
As I said, this bread is almost six dollars a loaf at the Co-op, I think it's around 5.50 at Wegman's, so for me that's a little high, but at the same time I can say that it is worth it. It is delicious, and really healthy. It has fiber, good clean carbs, and if protein is your thang, don't worry, it's got tons of that also.

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