Friday, January 2, 2015

I Love, love. LOVE Lucy!

Although resolutions aren't really my "jam", I came across a quote that I really needed to read, and it has kind of shaped my intent for the year. "Love yourself first, and everything else falls into line"- Lucille Ball. Is that an amazing quote, or what? I see 2014 as the year that I started my self love journey. And although I'm far from there, I have made continuous, conscience steps toward loving, and accepting myself. It really is the first time in my adult life that I have kept myself moving forward, even if I fall backwards, I don't let it become an excuse to stay in the gutter. I had an important relationship end, and I let myself heal through health, not booze and nicotine. 2014 is the year that I finally ended my toxic, abusive relationship with nicotine. I started really paying attention to what I'm putting into my body, food wise. Although I'm not really doing the Raw till 4 strictly, experimenting with that lifestyle taught me that I thrive on a higher carb diet. I will probably do Raw till 4 in the summer as a matter of fact, because I did feel a buzz with all of that fruit coursing through my veins!! It feels so awesome to be an active participant in my health, and happiness, and all of this happened for me in 2014. I always thought taking care of yourself was for other people, not me.
I heard another quote about love while doing yoga the other day, and I don't remember the exact quote, as I was in a shoulder bind, so I was focused on that, but to paraphrase it said that all things begin with love. I want to change the world. I want to encourage people to live a  vegan lifestyle, I want to encourage people to take care of themselves because Western medicine-just no. I want life to be like Sesame street. I don't want our country to be racially divided. Sometimes when you hear recent news clips it's literally the "white's against black's" Just no. It is 2015.
I can't be a shriveled up, hateful person, all the while demanding compassion. and kindness. I have to be those things. And I am owning up to that more and more.
2014 was also the year I restarted this blog, and I am so glad I did! It is not like me to continue with something that I don't all the way "get". Especially when I am just putting all of my lack of knowledge right on out there. But seriously, I don't know one single person in this town who gives a crap about any of my feelings, or opinions, and it sucks ass. I don't recommend this kind of isolation to anyone. But I can rant and rave, talk about food, animals, whatever on this blog, and people actually read it, and if I'm getting any side eyes, and rolls, at least I can't see them!! (HA) But holding myself accountable for continuing this blog has proven to be really good for me. And I know my brain is getting good exercise, because I'm always working on improving my vocabulary, and grammar. So thank you so much to anyone who reads this. It means so much to me, I truly can't express it.
I want to keep progressing for 2015. I want to continue on this journey, and hopefully encourage some people along the way, as I have been encouraged. I really want a kind world, like I know most of us to, but I really want to be a warrior for kindness and compassion. I don't want to allow negative and toxic people dragging me down. So I need all the strength.
2014 also brought some amazing vegan foods to mainstream markets. Gardein, Earth Balance everything, Just Mayo, and many others I am spacing on, which is wonderful because statistics say a lot of people go vegetarian or vegan after the New Year, whether for health or ethics. So, there are so many delicious alternatives, we have a higher chance than ever of people sticking with it, or at least being open to some meatless days. So these vegan companies get my supreme gratitude.
Cheers to love, and delicious vegan food 4-EVA!!

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