Sunday, January 11, 2015

Mind- Blown

My splurge this week is a lentil dip, which is very unusual for me, as my cupboard is filled with lentils, and spices. But this dip jumped out at me, and I knew I had to try it. It is Hope Foods curry lentil dip. I love my lentils, and I love curry. This dip was pretty pricy, I paid close to five dollars for an 8 oz. container at Wegman's. But I knew I had to try it, and plus, now I can work on recreating it myself! I cannot really express to you how much I think you should drop whatever you are doing and find this dip. Lentils make a great base for dips, There are a million versions of vegan pate, using lentils. But this dip has the zip of curry, and the amount is spot on. In my opinion it's not spicy, just zippy. The ingredient list is super simple, just lentils, onion, e.v. olive oil, garlic, lime juice, curry, and salt. All ingredients organic. I dipped some warmed whole wheat pita and little bell peppers in the dip for dinner last night, and honestly I want to eat this dip with a spoon. I want to live in a world slathered with this dip. I want to move to a deserted island with this dip.  I saw a original(plain) flavor, and also a habanero flavor. I believe I have seen a sriracha hummus at my Co-op by this same company so if curry isn't your thang, there are other options. I don't think this dip will last beyond today. It is a little smoother than hummus, and it would make a great spread for a sandwich, or a veggie wrap, burrito, etc. A little shmear of this on a toasted bagel, or baguette would be out of this world. Lentils have a very rich, satisfying flavor, so this dip is much heartier than hummus, in my opinion.
I have a MANDATORY round table meeting at work that I am so dreading I can't even stand it, but, the light at the end of the tunnel is that I am going to experiment with condiments this afterwards. I will be attempting homemade mustard, and I am going to try to replicate this dip. I will still splurge on other flavors to try now and then, as I like to support vegan products as much as I can. And companies that really show how tasty vegan food is deserve all the support.

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