Thursday, January 8, 2015

It's Easier than EVER to be a Vegan!!

Since it is January, or Veganuary if you're cool, I wanted to talk about the fact that it is really pretty easy to be vegan. I made the decision in the early afternoon standing on a street, planned nothing, and didn't know what I was doing. I understand not everyone can, or would want to go cold tofurky, but I do worry that I someone does too much searching on the internet, they could get really turned off, and just stick with what they know.
I'm bringing this up, because I was doing a little looking into The Starch Solution I guess diet,(lifestyle?), and wow, there are some fighting words between Starch solution followers, and Raw till 4 enthusiasts. And then we have the organic, superfood enthusiasts, which can lead someone to believe that it's way too expensive to be vegan.
The interweb is so amazing, as someone who likes to research things, Google is like an encyclopedia at my fingertips. But all that information, and opposing views, and arguments, can be overwhelming.
And when vegans are attacking other vegans, even in some cases calling names, such as fat, tubby etc., well it's not really shouting kindness, is it? We cannot preach what we don't practice. Not to mention, instead of arguing over what food choices make us a more superior vegan, we should be spreading gratitude for having food choices to begin with, as that is a luxury many do not have.
The simple act of wanting to not use animal products is easier than ever now. Tons of stores and companies are putting v symbols on their products, more and more vegan products are being made, there are edible vegan cheeses available, and even vegan bacon grease. ( I have to admit, this weirds/grosses me out, but whatever.) And vegans are the butt of jokes less and less. Vegans used to be fair game on sitcoms, in movies, and stand up comedians used to get big laughs. There are still jokes, and misconceptions of course, but less and less so.
What I'm trying to say, is I want the vegan community to be a welcoming community, and I want us to be as kind to each other as we are trying to encourage others to be to animals. It is scary to give up old beliefs, such as eating meat, and making changes in your life can be met with a lot of opposition from people in your life, so I don't want to overwhelm, and intimidate anyone, or make someone feel like they can't be vegan because of financial means. When people ask me about veganism being expensive, I always have to chuckle and say, you know you're asking ME, right?
There are so many ways to be vegan. You can be all organic superoods all the time, you can be a top ramen, taco bell vegan, you can be raw, sometimes raw, on and on. We are all trying to do, look and feel our best, and that is different for everybody. And I personally applaud anyone who is trying to cut down on their own animal consumption. Meatless Mondays have been a trend for awhile now, and people are starting to pick up a second meatless day. This is all great news, and I want to keep the momentum going. I don't want the "trend" of veganism die like so many trends do. So I welcome everybody, and I encourage everybody who is willing to try a more compassionate life.

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