Sunday, January 18, 2015

Tea for One, and One for Tea

I picked up a new to me tea this week,  sweet & spicy tea made by Good Earth. It is caffeine free, which I wanted for afternoon and evening sipping. It has rooibos, and chamomile, plus tons of  spices and herbs like cinnamon, rosehips, ginger, peppermint, orange oil and peel, and lemongrass. I have to admit I've been curious about this tea for awhile, but cinnamon, lemongrass, and peppermint together just kind of seemed to not go together. I don't know what made me finally go for it, but I'm glad I did. Cinnamon is the dominant flavor, but I can also taste the orange. It's like the other flavors are there, and they add something, but they don't stand out. I really am enjoying this tea. I don't think it needs any sweetener, but I know some people enjoy their rooibos tea with non dairy milk and some sweetener.
I started drinking Rooibos tea about a year or so ago, after hearing that it was amazing for skin. It is as antioxidant rich as green tea, minus the caffeine, perfect for afternoon. evening sipping. Rooibos is a member of the legume family(!) and the leaves of the shrub are what we drink as tea. It has alpha- hydroxyl acids, and zinc which make it better for your skin than most lotions and potions. Rooibos is also rich in calcium, manganese, and fluoride, which are all necessary to keep your bones and chompers strong and healthy.
If spicy tea isn't your jam, I have also had  Celestial Seasoning's Madagascar vanilla Rooibos tea, which is a very light and sweet tea. If you're feeling flush, Republic of Tea makes a good hope vanilla rooibos that is worth every extra penny. It's by far the smoothest Rooibos I've had.
Look for beauty products to start having Rooibos in them. I was reading some info, and it seems scientists have already been working on a slew of hair and skin products boasting the benefits of Rooibos. I think I'll sit back with my cup of sweet & spicy, and watch this beauty trend come and go.

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