Saturday, January 3, 2015

Today, My Glass is Half Full

I noticed on twitter, that there are tons of people participating in Veganuary, or going vegan for the month of January. I saw all kinds of enthusiastic tweets, and tons of beautiful pictures. People seemed to be loving it so far. And last night at my local Giant Eagle, in the meatless section of the frozen food aisle, they had a little sign promoting "meatless for the new year"! This Giant Eagle is okay, but it certainly is on the junkier, meatier side of the food fence. They sell a fairly large amount of Gardein products, and even Beyond Meat! 
Sometimes it's so easy to just get caught up in what still needs to be done, which is important of course, the world is a cruel place, and it desperately needs to change, but I'm learning you have to find balance. It's okay to take a moment and high five the universe for these positive changes. I believe over ten thousand people are participating in Veganuary, and this is of course the time of year when lots of people resolve to get healthy, and fit, and that includes cutting down on meat of course! And vegan foods keep getting better and better, and it's only going to keep getting better.
I know for me, I went vegan cold turkey. I have never looked back, I felt immediately that this was the right choice, and I really credit veganism for my current journey. I remember immediately feeling softer, and more compassionate, and it only makes sense that somewhere along the way I would learn to extend some of that passion to myself. I used to LOVE cheese, never met a kind I didn't like, but guess what? I learned to not love it, and now I have other LOVES.  So I hope and know that veganism will last with at least some of the Veganuary participants. So for today, I am allowing myself to glow in hope, that the numbers will keep rising, and one day animals will be free from humans.

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