Monday, November 16, 2015

Why Car Carts, Why??

Well, the good news is I got my hot little hands on the original Chao slices that I need for my horseradish mac and cheese, the bad news is by the time I got it yesterday, I just wasn't up for all the cooking. I usually go to any stores very early on the weekends to avoid the crowds, but that didn't happen yesterday, so I was a little overwhelmed when I got home. I'm going to have a tiny rant here, and I truly mean no offense to any parents out there, but for the love of all the car carts at groceries drive me INSANE! And some people who push their kids in the car carts actually act like they are on the road in a tank, and have all of the rights. I sound like a curmudgeon here, but remember when as a kid just sitting in the front of the cart was awesome enough, and your parent didn't have to be the king of the aisle?
I plan on working on that recipe today. I'm excited, it's been awhile since I've actually made a recipe, lately I either follow someone else's recipe, or I just kind of throw this and that together. I'm just going to try to be really organized and kind of have everything out and ready. I really think organization is the key to cooking in a tiny kitchen. I am not a very organized person, so you see the struggle! Anyway, I am super excited to put my creative juices to work! I think I'm going to make a vegan thousand island dressing to go on a little side salad. Doesn't that sound like a good match?
I stopped at Grocery Outlet to get another package of the tomato cayenne Chao at the super deal, and I happened to look in their health and beauty aisle, which is something I rarely do. I was pleasantly surprised!
This is their price for Andalou shower gel! They also had various serums, eye cream, and night creams from this company. Look at that price! I smelled their mandarin vanilla shower gel, and had to get it. I do like some bubbles in my detox bath, and non toxic bubbles are hard to find. This smells like an orange dream or cream cicle, I forget what they are called!
I don't know why, but a bath feels so much more luxurious and spa like with bubbles. Most of the organic gels don't really provide a ton of bubbles.and they go away fast, but even for that first couple of minutes, it makes a difference.
So, I had the bachelor of bachelor meals last night. A cold ham and cheese sandwich, vegan style OF COURSE!
Lightlife smart deli slices (yum), Chao tomato cayene slices (YUM) yellow mustard, and dave's killer bread! This was white done right, which I have never had.  This was good, and it is sturdy, not flimsy like the white done wrong breads. Under five dollars a loaf at ye ole outlet! Kind of a bland picture of kind of a bland but tasty meal. This is real life, sometimes all you can muster is a clod sandwich.
This awesome look on Etta's face totally describes how I feel when surrounded by car carts on a bust Sunday!
Happy Monday, and tune in tomorrow for some creamy, horsey mac and cheese!


  1. You could stock up on those shelf stable products at grocery outlet and then sell for a profit on eBay. just sayin...

  2. That is an absolutely brilliant idea! I'm ashamed I didn't think of it!

  3. A cheese and ham sandwich just hits the spot sometimes! Those bath products sound good. I have just started using Epsom salts after reading about them here and how they are good for detox baths. I hadn't thought of adding bubbles too!

    1. My favorite detox bath is powdered ginger, Epsom salts, a little baking soda, and some bubbles. This orange vanilla shower gel mad my bath smell so good! It just makes the bath a little more fancy!