Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Potatoes, Vegan Blue cheese, and Kitties!!!

My favorite vegan YouTube couple did it again! These buffalo potato wedges are so tasty! I made them last night, and I served them wrapped in lettuce leaves, and I dipped them in FYH vegan blue cheese dressing.
I need to take several moments to sing the praises of this dressing. When I tried their vegan ranch, I thought that really they had reached the top of the "nailed it" charts. I thought there could be no more nailing. Until I tried their vegan blue cheese. What really makes it is both the ranch and the blue cheese smell like the original as soon as you open the bottle. If FYH weren't a known vegan company, you would be tempted to re-read the ingredients! This dressing went PERFECTLY with the spicy potatoes! Somehow they have managed to capture that really strong, blue cheese-y flavor! I really don't know how they did it, but I am in love. Blue Cheese dressing was a favorite of mine for two reasons, one being the taste, and the other being it makes me feel close to my grandparents. They were the ones that taught me to love the creamy, tangy taste. I've tried to make several vegan versions, and they were okay, it's easy to mimic the texture, but they didn't have that pronounced tang. Both this and the ranch are definitely on the pricier side of dressings, so I can't have these all the time, but they are worth every penny, and these will be on regular "splurge" rotation for sure!
I took a picture of my meal, but for the love of it all I can't put it on my blog. The potato wedges were not very photogenic the way I plated them in my favorite bowl. While plating, I was very hungry, and I was thinking more of eating than pretty pictures. I feel my picture would do the wedges a disservice. These are perfect for people who might not be crazy about cauliflower, and feel left out of the cauliflower wing movement.
I did however get some adorable kitty pictures, so I will leave you with those. They are much more appealing!
We both really do fit!
I swear Joan(named after the late great Joan Rivers) loves the camera. I fear she would be a reality starlet if she were human!
Chunk is a bit less camera friendly, but still very aware of his charms.
And Afro has decided that the double wide cat scratcher makes the best bed in the place! The funniest thing about this is she is one of my cats that hates catnip. She hides when I hand it out, and if she gets too close she gets extreme peppermint face. But this double wide is one of the places that I dispense catnip, so it's pretty nippy.  Silly girl!


  1. Oh! The Bleu Cheese sounds wonderful and I marked this video for later! YAY!

    1. The blue cheese is AMAZING!!! The potatoes are really delicious too!

  2. What so they charge for the Blue Cheese? maybe I will spring for a bottle.

    1. I think these dressings are close to five for a bottle. (Probably more for you, maybe?) But seriously coming from someone who lives on a tight budget, it's so worth it. I don't want the bottle ever to end. It is unbelievable how they captured that blue cheese tang!!