Monday, May 1, 2017

Vegan Haul Part Deux

So yesterday I decided to go to Trader Joe's since i could get there earlier in the morning when it seems to be safer. Trader Joe's is 2.5 miles from my apartment so I decided since it was a nice day to walk. I figured I would either walk home, or if my load was too heavy I would catch the bus. I ended up buying ten pounds of potatoes, so I decided to catch a bus. Well, on Sundays the buses only run every hour. When I got to the bus stop I saw that I had fifty minutes to wait, so I walked home. It was fine for about the first mile, but after that it was quite challenging. But, I made it and other than slightly sore shoulders I'm pretty okay.
Booch! Daiya smoked Gouda, incense 

Enjoyed after my long trek.
First off I stopped at Natural Grocers for Nag Champa which is my favorite incense forever and always. I also had some fifty cents off coupons for Live Kombucha that I used. The living limon is like sprite or 7-Up. Really, really good. They had a sale on Daiya cheeses so I picked up the elusive Smoked Gouda. It is very hard to find, and the only Daiya cheese that I enjoy cooked or cold.
Tofu,green dragon sauce, green olives,frozen strawberries,bananas,spinach,small red potatoes,peppermint tea,gluten free crackers,lemons,fire roasted potatoes,garbanzo beans, Etta legs
I don't know if any of you have had the Hope Thai curry hummus, but it is probably my favorite hummus of all time, and I'm going to try and recreate it! Fingers crossed I succeed!
Horseradish mustard,vegan gummies,little secrets,bulk spices,raspberries,avocado,red pepper, parsley
Please excuse my flip flop. I thought I properly cleared space. Anyway, I bopped into Smith's for a few odds and ends, They had a great sale on raspberries and also the big bag of little secrets were on sale for $2.50! I couldn't resist. The vegan gummies are a new product and I had to try them, especially since it says vegan right on the front!
And here is my ten pounds of potatoes and also some NadaMoo! I had gotten at Natural Grocers and forgot to include in that picture. I had a coupon and decided to try the Lotta Mint Cup. I tried a spoonful when I got home, and it was that perfect melt-y consistency that I love. Like all the other flavors that I've tried, it's outstanding.
For dinner I made this delicious Shepard's salad. I've seen it a few times on Sarah's blog, and it looks so tasty I had to make it myself! I loosely used this recipe, except I used red pepper instead of tomato because I don't like mealy out of season tomatoes, and I only used one tablespoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. And of course no feta. It was so delicious it's my new favorite salad. I can't wait until tomatoes are in season so I can use those, It's so fresh from the parsley and lemon. I served it with potato wedges seasoned with garlic and rosemary. And I made a delicious dipping sauce with horseradish mustard and a little Just Mayo. I plan on eating this salad very often!!
There have still been a few nights where it gets cool enough to turn on the heat, and Joan is here for it! It's so funny, I'll go into the bathroom and wonder why it's so cold, and then I look down and understand why! Notice the ball of paper nearby. Always with the toys!


  1. Wow. That's a long walk hauling a 10-pound bag of potatoes plus the rest of your haul! Great grocery scores. I've heard we finally have the Nada Moo here, so I must try it soon! I need to finish off the 4 pints of ice cream in my freezer first. Haha. I keep buying more before I finish what I have.

    1. It was a very long walk. For the last mile and a half I had to make quite a few rest stops and also bag adjustments!
      The NadaMoo is so so good. But I got the mint chocolate chip and I still have the pistachio in my freezer too. Hey, it's nice to have options right?

  2. That would have been a heavy walk!

    I have always been able to find the smoked gouda flavour of Daiya fairly easily here. It is the only block Daiya that I have tried, and it is soooo good! Perhaps Australia is stealing all of it from the US?

    1. It was a very heavy walk. To be honest, my shoulders are still a little sore!
      Maybe you guys are stealing all the smoked Gouda! I'm not sure why but it's just very hard to find, at least it was in Seattle, and here in SLC this is the first I've seen it! It is really so delicious though, I hope Natural grocers continues to carry it.

  3. Wow that is quite a workout!!! I'm glad that it wasn't too bad and it looks like a really great haul! I bet the mint chip NadaMoo is delicious! I love the flip flop ;) I've finally been able to wear mine and I couldn't be happier!

  4. It really was a workout! My shoulders are definitely feeling it. The mint chocolate chip is so so good!
    Flip flop season is my favorite time! If it were safe I would live my life bare foot!

  5. I still can't find the Daiya Gouda ANYWHERE and it's driving me NUTS!

    1. I don't know why it's so hard to find. Natural Grocers is the only place I can find it, and it's so good!!