Saturday, October 10, 2015

This One's for You Garfield!

I started my day yesterday with beans on toast, or actually beans on an English muffin. Trader Joe's has canned baked beans that are vegan, and not too full of scary ingredients. I think I like beans on actual toast better than a muffin, but you use what you have, right?
I remember when I was a kid, I though baked beans were the weirdest, grossest food. They were up there with cauliflower! I've changed my mind about baked beans, but cauliflower is still on my leave it list!
I was cleaning and rearranging my kitchen, (still didn't make it any bigger) and I came across a bag of Gardein meatless meatballs in my freezer that I forgot all about! I had some tofu that needed to be used, and some Trader Joe's vegan shreds that Dylan does not appreciate, and I realized I had to make a lasagna! I haven't had lasagna in a very long time, and I felt like I needed some comfort food! The box of lasagna noodles I had had a recipe for non-vegan meatball lasagna, so I subbed in the meatless balls, and it was a success! I did two layers of tofu ricotta, and on the third layer I used the meatballs, which I cut in half. I've never had meatballs in lasagna before, and I probably would use the meatballs for a hoagie next time, but it was still really tasty, and Gardein, once again you have blown my mind! The meatballs have a great texture, and they have a nice garlicky/Italian taste. I know it's not the healthiest, but Gardein is a fun treat that I proudly enjoy once in awhile!
I made a lot of lasagna, I think I'm going to freeze some for easy meals when I can't be bothered to cook!
It's getting to be the grey rainy season in Seattle, and I have to admit I'm having a hard time adjusting. When I moved to Seattle the first time the constant rain was very hard for me to get used to. I really never did grow to like it, I always struggled. After living in the snow belt, I will for sure take rain over snow, but the constant grey really is hard. I'm thinking of taking St. John's Wort, or ginseng, or extra vitamin d, something to help balance the grey. I'll see how I feel as the season progresses.
That's the main problem I have with fall, it means winter is coming!
I'll leave you with this funny picture of Kanye. Her position pretty much sums up my feelings on winter!


  1. Extra portions for the freezer is a great idea in the winter. I'm from one of the rainiest places in England and I've taken St John's wort in the past when I've needed it and it's helped. One of my friends has a light therapy lamp for over the winter too. Another friend also recently told me about another herbal remedy she's found great called Rhodiola. Taking extra Vit D is a great idea too. I'm trying to consciously focus on self care as I've traditionally been rubbish at it and have started doing yoga DVDs at home and have found a local meditation class and they both really help boost my mood. Good luck with finding stuff that helps.

  2. I'm glad to hear St. John's wort helped. I took it years ago for awhile, but I think all the alcohol I was drinking counteracted the benefits I'll have to look into Rhodiola. I'm working on self care too. Thanks for the suggestions!

  3. I dread winter each and ever year! Sigh!!!!

  4. I know, I feel so bad for you being in the snow belt!

    1. You would think I would be used to it by now! Nope...teehee

  5. Yes! I named her when I thought she was a he!