Monday, October 26, 2015

Vegan Taco Bell?

My first home brewed booch in Seattle! I had kombucha making down to a science while living in Erie, so it's about time I start brewing again. It's really easy, and it saves you sooooooo much money if you love kombucha! I'm still deciding what flavor juice I will use to flavor it. I love ginger kombucha, so I was thinking of maybe making some ginger juice and adding that. I will of course have to research and see what the interwebz tells me!
I had some things to do yesterday, and got home later than usual. I was beyond hungry, and needed something quick and easy. I decided to get creative with a black bean burger, and made a kind of vegan Taco bell CrunchWrap. I think a real CrunchWrap has a crispy tostada like layer, which I didn't have, so I didn't add. I also didn't add lettuce because warm lettuce is not okay with my mouth. So I guess I made something inspired by a CrunchWrap.

I just cooked a gardein black bean burger, and then put some refried beans on a flour tortilla, added the veggie burger, and finally a little nutritional yeast, and some vegan cheese. I folded the tortilla over the burger, and cooked it in a pan with a smidgen of coconut oil. I could see where having that crispy tostada layer would make this so much better, but it was still pretty tasty as is. Definitely a fun and different way to eat  a burger. I will be making this more often. I don't know if it's a good or bad thing to be inspired by Taco Bell!
Happy Monday!


  1. I have been wanting to get into making booch at home but still haven't. Maybe soon, tho! Winter sounds like a good time to try new things as I am a hermit during the winter months and I know you know why having lived in this region for a while! LOL The Taco Crunch looks AMAZING, btw!

  2. I wanted to brew kombucha for so long, and was so scared. But it's super easy, and really fun to experiment with different juices to flavor, etc. I feel so bad for you with winter coming. Even though I dread the rain, I am not going to miss the brutal cold!

    1. Yup! I'm intimidated about Booch at home. I know I shouldn't be - but am.

  3. I always make just plain kombucha, mostly because I am lazy. But I found that just taking fresh ginger and grating it, and letting it sit in the kombucha when you get ferment it a second time to get bubbles is all you need to do for ginger flavoring.

  4. Thanks for the tip! I'm drinking a Kevita ginger kombucha right now, and ginger is a flavor I want to try to make myself. I thought maybe I would have to juice some ginger or something. I can't wait for my kombucha to be ready. I have a kombucha budget, so I can't have it every day, but when i make it myself I can have it every day!

  5. Add me to the list of folks who want to brew their own anything actually, but am too intimidated. good for you!

  6. I was intimidated for so long too! It is really so much easier than it seems.