Thursday, October 15, 2015

More MidWeek Munchies!

I went to Trader Joe's on Tuesday and my haul is my MidWeek Munchies post! As usual I got some awesome food at an amazing price!
I have read about these vegan chocolate chip cookies that they have by the bread for awhile, and I've never tried them. Well, this week I decided to try. They are so tasty! They're soft, but not as soft as I expected. They are dense, with a perfect amount of chocolate chips. I  haven't had the best luck with baking my own vegan chocolate chip cookies, so these are definitely a nice treat. And they feel fancy because they're in a bag, not a box!
These shredded hash browns are amazing. The only ingredients are potatoes and dextrose. Have you ever looked at a bag of frozen hash browns by other companies? It's a list of what's what. I don't have a food processor or grater, so these will be a rare treat! I actually can't remember the last time I've had any kind of hash brown, or shredded potato. I decided to step up my frozen corn game and try roasted frozen corn.
I love these Persian cucumbers! I couldn't find Alfalfa sprouts, so I got these Micro greens. I feel very chef-y!
Mini soy ice cream sandwiches are the best! You have to balance out all of the green!  Ha ha!
Did you know Trader Joe's has pretzel bagels, and they are vegan?? I'm so excited, and I don't wanna hide it. I also got some vegan cream cheese, and I hoped to have a pretzel bagel with cream cheese and Alfalfa sprouts, which is one of my all time favorite sandwiches, I'm going to sub Micro greens. We'll see how it goes!
Two pounds of organic gala apples for $2.69! Impossible!
I am exchanging the refried beans for their vegetarian, or fat free refried beans. The ingredients for these say "prepared" beans, and I think that usually means lard, or some type of something I don't want. The aisle where the beans are was very crowded the day I was there, so I just kind of grabbed these super quick.
Stocked up on rice, so I can keep myself carbed up! I love Basmati and Jasmine rice, because they smell so good while they're cooking!
I got a few other things like some oranges, bell peppers, yerba mate and such. I think I forgot to take pictures because it's hard to take pictures when you are outnumbered by nosy felines who just have to be sniffing and trampling over everything! I figure we've all seen oranges, bell peppers and tea before! I have a few recipes marked from the cookbook I got at the library, and I am going to be making Buzzfeed Video's vegan macaroni and cheese! I'm always excited to try new ways of making vegan mac and cheese, and I've watched several positive reviews of this sauce on YouTube, a few were made by non-vegans! I'm definitely going to add some nutritional yeast and maybe a few other things to kind of spiff it up, so it should be good, and of course I will report back on the results!


  1. Your post has me convinced that I need to check out Trader Joe's sometime! :D

    1. I promise you will not regret it! It is absolutely one of my favorite places on earth!

  2. I remember going in a Trader Joes last time I went to New York and being impressed. I would definitely shop there too. Looks like a great haul.

  3. They have the best prices, and they are really vegan friendly! I love them so much!

  4. WOW! Wonderful finds! Excellent!!!! Great prices, too!

  5. I want to just live in a Trader Joe's!

  6. Dang! i never got to try those Chocolate Dipped Bananas. I kept meaning to do so. I wonder who makes the CC Cookies? very exciting find. I also missed their veggie chili in cans. Great of burgers and dogs.

  7. I don't know who makes the cookies. They're bigger than a lot of pre-made chocolate chip cookies I've had before. They are sooooo good. I think they're going to be a regular splurge! I'll look for the chili the next time I go. I haven't had a chili dog in a million years! The bananas are so freaking good!

  8. I love trader joe's!! My most recent discovery was the japanese style fried rice-its frozen and vegan of course, and has little bits of seaweed, tofu, veggies and edamame. It's a great quick meal with some baked tofu added in.
    TJ's "high protein" tofu is my favorite- it's really firm with minimal water so you don't need to press it at all, it's sold in vacuum packed plastic not a tub.
    And definitely get the veggie chili (it's made by amy's organics, same thing just different labels)

  9. I need to look for that fried rice, it sounds delicious. I've never had Japanese style fried rice! Trader Joe's really is one of my favorite places on earth!