Sunday, October 25, 2015

It's Just Another Random Sunday

To start your Sunday off right, here's a picture of some kitties living the high life. They are rolling around in glorious catnip! The long black thing is not a cord, it is one of their favorite toys, which is three shoestrings tied together, and a twist tie type thing on the end. They love it, and anything that is string like.
My first red dragon fruit!
I remember watching a few YouTube videos of people eating red dragon fruit, and it just looked so beautiful and vibrant. I tried it a few times when I lived in PA, and I only was able to find the white variety. When I saw this bag of the red fruit in the frozen section at grocery Outlet, it was a no brainer. I've read that they both taste the same, and I've also read that the red is sweeter and also I read that white is sweeter. Ahh interwebz! I feel like the red is tastier and healthier because of the vibrant color, but that's just me forming an opinion based on looks. I'm so shallow! In all seriousness, both colors are some would say bland, others would say mild. I blended some of these chunks with  orange juice, and it made a most beautiful drink!
That color!!!!!
Gotta have my greens!

I started my day with this juice, and another delicious salad. I think the FYH ranch is in competition for my favorite vegan product of 2015. I don't know if it's been around longer, but I discovered it in 2015! The funny thing is before becoming vegan I loathed ranch dressing. I gagged at the look, smell, and most definitely taste. But I cannot get enough of this dressing. I'm practically licking my plate when I'm done!
I also made this whole big bowl of roasted Brussels sprouts. I roasted them with a little finely minced onion, salt, pepper, garlic and crushed red pepper, and drizzled a little Balsamic vinegar at the end. Delicious. I could have eaten roasted Brussels all day long! I am convinced that when people say they don't like Brussels sprouts it's because they haven't had them roasted yet.
I didn't take a picture of my dinner, because it couldn't have been more boring. I was craving rice and tofu. Like just rice and tofu. It might sound weird, but sometimes I crave just plain rice, and plain baked tofu. Sometimes I eat it as is, last night I drizzled on some Trader Joe's soyaki sauce, and lots of sriracha. It tasted amazing! Very soothing.
I watched a video this morning on YouTube where the topic of buying organic came up, and they kind of shrugged at the fact that someone doesn't want to pay the higher prices for organics. I wish that instead of shaming people who can't, or won't buy organic, we could shame some of the stores and companies into lowering the prices. In some cases organic foods can be double or triple the cost of  non organic. And I'm not even talking just Whole Foods, I'm talking about organic produce at a regular old grocery. It is an issue that seems to get swept under the rug.
I know that because I now have Trader Joe's and Grocery Outlet very near me, I'm able to buy mush more organic than I was previously. Not everyone has access to those stores. Many people don't even have access to a store with any produce, let alone organic! 
I read an article like a hundred years ago that said if we all keep supporting organic this and that, it would bring the cost down. I also read an article a hundred years ago that said reality television would fizzle out. Both of these articles lied right to my face! I hope that maybe someday this problem will be solved. Okay rant over. Sorry, I guess that video bothered me more than I thought. Shaming is an alarming trend on YouTube. I just did a massive unsubscribe not too long ago, and recently channels that I thought were safe are maybe not so safe.
Happy Sunday. May we all be as content as my stoned kitties!


  1. I only have one cat that likes catnip. Isnt it funny how some like it and some dont? I also love reality tv. Scripted tv is great too, but gimme some Bachelor and Bachelorette!

  2. I have two that HATE catnip! they run away from it like I'm spraying lemon juice! I like reality television also. I tend to like the tacky ones. I don't like heartwarming in my reality tv. I once got hooked on some bachelor offspring. It was the bachelor house or something like that. it was so bad, but oh so good!

  3. I have been craving Brussel Sprouts almost DAILY lately! YUM! I was trying to think about what to post today but then I remembered how productive I was for a change so it might take me a while to include it all - WOOT :)

  4. I love roasted Brussels sprouts so much. I had forgotten how much I loved them. Well, your post sounds like it will be exciting!