Sunday, October 4, 2015

Haul, Dinner, News!

One of the things I appreciate most about Seattle is it's kick ass bus system. When I lived here before, I don't think I appreciated it, but after living in Erie and dealing with the worst public transportation EVER, I am chock full of gratitude this time around!  I went to Trader Joe's via the bus yesterday for the first time from my apartment, and it was so pain free I can hardly believe it! They've improved the bus system since I last lived here, and wow does it show. I'm so happy it isn't a nightmare to visit my boyfriend!
Vegan Gummies!!!!!!
This was my one and only impulse buy. I am on a super tight budget until things look up for me, so sticking to my list is a MUST! But these were pretty inexpensive, and vegan gummies are very hard to find. They are cute, they're in little T and J  shapes, and the flavors are lemon, grapefruit, tangerine, and lime. Each gummy tastes like real fruit, not manufactured. They are sour, but not the obnoxious, bring tears to your eyes sour. I would say maybe they are more tart than sour. But either way, I love these, and they deserve the attention of their own picture!
I have said it before, but I really appreciate that Trader Joe's doesn't hike up the price of organics the way some stores do. And, they have their own sriracha! And it's delicious! Woot!
Have you tried their vanilla and cinnamon black tea? It is a seasonal tea, and it is AMAZING! I had to try a cup as soon as I got home, and it is everything good about the holidays and winter in a cup! This is coming from someone who loathes winter, and dreams of living in a tropical paradise! It is totally balanced with vanilla and cinnamon, you can taste them both. My new fave!

I got a few other things I forgot to take pictures of too. Like some pears, English muffins, onions, and rice. This haul was under fifty dollars, and will easily last me a little over a week. And that includes all meals and beverages. I love Trader Joe's soooo much!
For dinner last night I decided to have some tofu and rice lettuce wraps with a hoisin dipping sauce. So easy and delicious!
I am a big fan of wrapping and dipping my dinner. Silverware is so overrated!
I have some good news, and it is somewhat related to a recent Mofo prompt. Taco Bell is going super vegan friendly! On my recent road trip moving from Pennsylvania to Seattle, I saw a million taco bells. Taco bells are everywhere! And we all know fast food is bad, whatever. Sometimes people have cravings, maybe taco bell was a favorite growing up, or sometimes we are on road trips, sometimes we might be out with friends, there are a million different reasons why this is wonderful news. Taco bell is also inexpensive , so this is great news for people on a budget. This is great for the movement, helping to push us more into the mainstream. Maybe someone who would never in a million years try vegan food, will be brave enough to try it if it's at taco bell, because you know they aren't going to slip any weird superfoods into your meal! Ha. Also, it's one more way to show that vegan food is not expensive(or doesn't have to be) or hard to find. This could also be good news for vegans or vegetarians, or aspiring veg heads who happen to live in food deserts. All in all I find this to be AMAZING news! We are not going away! We need to support taco bell's offerings to show they made a wise choice, and you know it will only be a matter of time before other chain places wake up!!


  1. My sister and I got so excited about the Taco Bell news the other day; we're planning to go there together soon! I typed up the various vegan options, like different combinations of burritos... I should probably make that into a blog post now that I think about it, haha! :)

  2. Yes you should! I saw a review of some of their stuff the other day on YouTube. I think it's such grat news, I might even have to hit up a taco bell! I think the more we spread the word, the more this will catch on, and it could really make a difference in so many ways!

  3. I need to send you some of my tea!!! Seriously - I have enough for an army! LOL
    Drop me your snail mail addy in an email.
    Great haul, btw!

  4. Oh I loved that Cinnamon Vanilla Tea. Forgot about that. Used to really enjoy Taco Bell Bean Burritos (no cheese) till I read the Beans are reconstituted from powder. not sure if that is still the case.

  5. The tea is soooo good! I will be hoarding it before the holidays are over since it's seasonal! Powdered beans sound very strange. I'm not sure if that's still the case or not, just that they are vegan! I definitely feel like vegan or not taco bell is eat at your own risk!