Thursday, April 30, 2015

Vegan Fish Alternatives?

Vegan Fish?!
Have you ever tried Sophie's Kitchen vegan seafood products? They have quite a few. I've seen fish filets, crab cakes, breaded shrimp, and breaded scallops floating around in Wegman's, and the Co-op. The Co-op had Sophie's products on sale awhile ago, so I picked up a box of the fish filets. I tried Gardein's fish filets awhile ago, and I loved them. They have never returned to the Gardein section, not sure why. I wanted to see how Sophie's measured up to Gardein. The box comes 4 in a pack, and they have a gluten free breading. The breading reminds me almost of a cornmeal breading, and the fish is more like a faux chicken burger. It almost reminds me of a boca patty. The flavor is not overwhelmingly ocean like, although there is a pleasant lemony taste and smell. In the picture above, I made a wrap with a filet, some black beans, lettuce, and salsa. I was going for a fish taco kind of thing. I also placed a plain filet down  so you can see what it looks like.
I'm not going to say anything bad, because this company has many other products to try, and they are a vegan company trying to do some good, but I have to be honest as well. These were not my favorite vegan experience. I much prefer Gardein's Fishless Filet over this. Gardein has more of an airy batter, and the filet itself is a softer, almost flakier texture. It is nothing like a boca patty. That being said, this is a good option for a gluten free, fish missing vegan. I don't think I would serve this to any skeptical non vegans, but again it is certainly not the worst thing I have ever put in my mouth. It's an amazing vegan world where we even have vegan seafood, let alone choices! Believe it or not, Sophie's even makes vegan toona in a can! I did see it on the shelf at the Co-op, but honestly, I've read mixed reviews, and it scares me a little bit. But it's great to know that it is an option!
Have you tried any vegan seafood?

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