Sunday, April 26, 2015

Stone Ground Chocolate! Raspberry Lemon Kombucha!!

While perusing the shelves of the Co-op for new and exciting vegan food, I noticed a new to me chocolate, called stone ground chocolate. They had tiny little bars, and also interesting circle chocolates. I kept going, shopped around some more, and just had to come back. I'm not going to lie, it is pricey. I forget how much the circle chocolates were, but the small bars were on sale for $1.36, for .85 oz. Yes, over a dollar for less than an ounce, and that is the "I'm new, try me price!" Since I've never ever heard of stone ground chocolate before, I chose the hazelnut bar, and ignored the price. From what I understand, Stone Ground Chocolate is less processed than I guess European chocolates and less processing is better, right?
The chocolate the Co-op had is made by Taza Chocolate. I tried it last night, and I love the texture! It's crisp, more than creamy. I know that sounds weird for chocolate, but I promise it is anything but weird. It is also so incredibly rich, but not rich in a creamy, or sweet way. It's the rich, cocoa flavor I think. I am certainly not a fancy pants chocolate expert. Truth be told, it took me a looooong time to adjust to dark chocolate. If I weren't  vegan, I would be still eating Hershey's milk chocolate bars! This stone ground chocolate bar was so incredibly satisfying, that one small square just completely filled that chocolate void inside my soul. The bar was also satisfying texture wise. It was crisp, with small crisp pieces of hazelnut, yum. All the bars were dark, I do forget what other flavors, nuts, berries, etc. they had. If you see these chocolates, I really recommend them. Even though they are pricey, they are soooo satisfying. A little bit goes a long way, so a full sized bar will last for awhile.
From what I've read on their website, Taza seems like a good, ethical company, and I feel happy to support them.
I also tried a new to me flavor of Kevita Kombucha, Raspberry Lemon. I love raspberries soooo much, I couldn't resist. I'm sipping on it right now, and boy do I love it. The raspberry taste is strong, and it also has ginger in it, which truth be told I taste more than the lemon, but I'm not complaining. This kombucha will be very refreshing on a warm summer day. Kevita really makes some great drinks. I recently spotted their sparkling probiotic drinks on a super sale somewhere, and tried the tangerine which blew my mind. It had such a spot on tangerine taste, and it was fizzy, and just really great. Now that we are heading into warmer months, I'm loving finding new refreshing beverages! Bring on the warmth!!

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