Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Kindness is Contagious

This is a picture of a delicious, refreshing smoothie that I had yesterday. I made it with two frozen bananas, one unfrozen banana, some frozen raspberries, and strawberries. I also added some water and a splash of coconut milk. Even though I love citrus fruit, I have to admit that I am loving seeing the citrus being slowly replaced by berries! Even though my pictures are like flip phone quality, I am not using a flip phone, and I am enjoying the practice, and plan to continue to learn and improve.
I had a conversation with a co-worker the other day, and my co-worker was talking about someone she knows who is a vegetarian, but this person still eats chicken, and very rarely seafood. My co-worker was super quick to point out that this person never eats beef, pork, or whatever other meat options are out there. She was a little sheepish when saying this, I felt like she was expecting me to correct, or lecture, or something. If this would have been a few years ago, I would have kindly pointed out that vegetarians do not eat chicken, or seafood, but this time I just didn't feel a need. I feel that given the tone and look that my co-worker understood this, and was simply telling me a story she thought I could relate to.  A few years ago this would have driven me INSANE! I would have only seen the negative side of it, I would have only seen the struggle, how far we still have to go. Now, while I am painfully aware of how far we have to go, I see the positive in this story. I see someone who may not understand the meaning of the word vegetarian, but who cares, because it's someone who is making a choice to cut down the flesh they do eat. More than likely,  this will lead to cutting down on the chicken and fish. I'm seeing a true shift in how some people think about meat consumption. Instead of pointing out what people aren't doing, I want to high five what they are doing. Even though the animal loving vegan in me wants to roll my eyes SO HARD when people talk of only buying cage-free, humanely raised, blah, blah blah, I've come to realize I can't do that. People are slowly realizing that they as consumers can make kinder choices. I hear more and more everyday of corporations choosing more humane farming methods. Is it enough? Of course not, I personally can't be happy until all animals are safe, but things are changing, people are waking up! I want to support, and encourage people to continue to make even more compassionate choices, not judge them for not being where I want them to be. When I quit smoking cigarettes, it was like a five year process, no joke. I'm talking thinking about quitting, quitting, starting up, wash, rinse repeat. It was a PROCESS, and I got all kinds of rude comments, people not believing that I would ever do it, judgment for not "doing it right", or not having enough willpower, and on and on. But I eventually made the compassionate to myself choice. So, not everyone can do everything overnight. More than ever in my life, I'm hearing people talking of meatless days more and more. Vegan food is tasting better, and better,  and minds are being opened! Do you feel like things are changing? Do you high five someone for cutting down on their animal consumption?

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