Thursday, April 23, 2015

I'm Revived!

Even though it is only thirty two degrees with some snowflakes now and then, I did eventually warm up and try the Revive Root Beer kombucha soda from Live and Raw. So far I have tried the Culture Cola, Dr. Pure, and Dreamy Orange. I love them all so much, but I think I have to say Root Beer is definitely the closest to the real thing. It reminds me of Barq's, the one with bite. It's truly amazing how they have made this kombucha that so closely mimics soda. It also shows that all of that excess sugar, and colorings and preservatives aren't necessary to yield a tasty, carbonated beverage. The Target in my area has two other flavors I have yet to try, Living Limon, and Sparkling Ginger. I'm assuming they are the healthier alternative to Sprite, or 7up, and Ginger Ale. This is by far my favorite Kombucha I have tried and I hope someday Culture Cola, Dr. Pure and the rest of the gang muscle their way into the shelves previously reserved for the standard soda's.

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