Saturday, April 18, 2015

Me Hulk

I am currently a server at a private club/restaurant that is not even on the same planet as vegan food, or for that matter anything healthy. Nothing is homemade(I'm talking instant mashed potatoes) almost everything is deep fried, and the food remains in the shades of brown, and beige, save for the neon colored buffalo wings. It's pretty gross, and I am certainly not proud of serving meat to people, but that's a whole different issue. What I need to vent about today is the wasteful nature of people. America has a serious problem with food waste. I see people order food, and not eat it, not because they didn't like it, but because they really "weren't that hungry to begin with" then some of the people "don't like leftovers" so it just went to waste for no reason. I can't stand that we think it's okay to be so wasteful of everything! And no one bats an eye to the fact that a living creature was treated horribly, then brutally murdered so you can sit and get drunk and play on your smartphone, and whoops, just not be hungry, so just toss this food. Last night I wanted to hulk out sooooooo badly! It's a really terrible problem, that gets talked about in rare cases, but from what I have witnessed is there are a ton of 'Mericans who just don't care. They think of Buffalo wings as some deep fried spicy treat, not that it was a creature that had as much of a right to live and breathe as any of us. I'm sorry for this rant, but I needed to vent. Sometimes it gets hard and depressing to see day in and day out. Apathy is something that drives me nuts! These people that are so lucky to have enough money to not only feed themselves, but be wasteful of food, still complain that they don;t have enough in life. It's pretty gross.
Another horrible thing about the city I live in is that recycling is an option, not a requirement. I have worked in several bars and restaurants, and not a single one recycles. It's pretty damn shocking, especially coming from Seattle. So, my Earth month tip is this, those of us who care have to really care, because there are sooooooo many places where people think recycling is a joke, doesn't  matter, they don't want to recycle, the excuse list goes on and on. I've had many conversations with people about the issue of recycling, and lets just say I get a lot of side-eyes, and hippie jokes. I need to send Jack Johnson to play this song in the town hall or something.
I keep hoping if I eat enough greens, I will be able to channel my inner hulk and smash some things to get people to listen!
Reduce, reuse, recycle! And eat all your food. Ample food is a blessing that too many people don't have.

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