Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Mind Blown

I am so excited to say that I got my black salt, or Kala Namak. I found mine on Amazon. It seems very hard to find in traditional grocery stores. I bought some Hawaiian black sea salt, thinking it might be the same, and it was definitely not. It is a nice salt, it just doesn't lend a sulfurous taste. The Kala Namak is pink, and very fine. For some reason I thought it would be a bit larger crystals, but it's more fine than table salt. When I first opened the jar, I was shocked to smell a definite egg-y smell! I wanted to test it right away, so I sliced some extra firm tofu into slices about half an inch thick, and baked in the oven with a little coconut oil, regular salt, and pepper. The jar says this salt is finishing salt, so I take that to mean it shouldn't be cooked too much. I did some checking, and it seems some cook it, some finish with it. Since it was my first time using it, I decided to be cautious. When my tofu was done, I sprinkled a pinch on one slice, popped in my mouth, and I still can't believe it myself, but it tasted just like eggs. I don't mean kind of like eggs, I mean it was exactly like an egg. It made my kitchen smell like eggs which was soooo weird! I always enjoyed the taste of eggs, I just never really felt right about eating them, so for me this is so perfect! I have so many ideas for scrambles, and tofu "egg salads", and maybe even experimenting with a vegan "deviled egg" type of recipe. I bet you could veganize any kind of macaroni salad, or potato salad that has eggs in it with a little dash of this salt, and of course Just Mayo. This stuff is totally amazing, and all I can say is if you were a fan of eggs, look for this miracle salt! I've read it can be found in specialty Indian shops, but if you are like me, and those do not exist where you live, Amazon can be you're friend. I bought DAS foods Kala Namak, for $7.99 for a 6 oz.jar. Although I see on their DAS foods website, it is $5.99, so there you go. Anyway, a little dash will do you with this salt, so I anticipate 6 oz. going a loooooong way.
Chao slices and this Kala Namak are the two products that have BLOWN MY MIND so far in 2015. Although I had high expectations for both, and the cynical part of my brain kind of thought there would be some let down, but  both have far exceeded my high expectations! In fact, yesterday in my mind I concocted a breakfast sandwich with the baked tofu with black salt with a slice of Chao creamy original, and maybe some great vegan breakfast sausage, on an English muffin, given to a non-vegan. I feel very strongly that the non vegan's mind would be blown. Tofu and eggs aren't that different in texture, and Chao is definitely creamy, and melty, and there are some stellar vegan sausages out there, so why eat a McCruel, when you can have a McKind?

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