Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Stand Up and Laugh!!

I love to laugh. I love the slobbery, snorting, tears rolling down your face kind of laughing. The kind where you got a full ab workout. Years ago I was a cocktail waitress at a comedy club in Seattle, and it was one of my better jobs. The customers couldn't really talk to me very much, and I got to laugh all through my shift. I also met Lewis Black, and several other somewhat famous comedians. I think people who can make others laugh so hard that they forget about their problems, even if it's for one hour have a special talent, and gift. I think being able to turn some of life's injustices into something you can laugh at is just amazing.
My laugh track has been turned way down where I live. I find the general population to be extremely unfunny, and this winter really tuned my smile upside down. A few weeks ago, while cleaning my apartment, I realized I needed some laughs. I remembered that Netflix has a lot of stand up comedy shows, and boy did I find a good one. I don't know if anyone has watched Parks and Rec, but it is a very funny, laugh out loud kind of show. (Netflix has the whole series streaming) Anyway, one of the actors on the show, Aziz Ansari (Tom) is also a stand up comic. He has several stand up shows streaming on Netflix, and if you like to laugh you should cancel everything and watch one of his shows. It will lead you to wanting to watch all of his shows, and wanting to watch anything he is involved in. I laughed so hard while I was cleaning, I had to take breaks to catch my breath. He has a list of jokes aimed at meat eaters that is both sad, because he's pointing out certain atrocities, but also hilarious because of his delivery. It's something that if a vegan said this, many would label as an unfunny, judgmental vegan joke, but since Aziz is not a vegan, and he's including himself in the selfish meat-eater category, so people can laugh. And you never know, these facts might stick with someone after the show, they might look into the industry, and decide they need to cut back on their meat consumption. Anyway, I have now watched all three of his stand-up specials on Netflix, and I'm dying for more. He is seriously one of the funniest, most energetic comedians I've seen in awhile.
A good laugh doesn't solve your problems, but it sure does ease the stress of life a little bit. Think of a life with out cracking up at least once a day. So, the next time you need a laugh, look up anything with Aziz Ansari!

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