Sunday, March 29, 2015

Snack Time!

I love finding new snacks that are of course vegan, and also delicious, without a lot of weird and scary ingredients. And for as long as i can remember, salty and crunchy have been a weakness of mine. I spotted a new to me chip, called Simply 7  Quinoa Chips. The store I was at had sea salt, and slow smoked barbeque. After making sure the ingredients met my requirements, I chose the barbeque. Although the barbeque chips have more than seven ingredients, I don't have a problem because the additional ingredients were the seasonings needed to make the barbeque flavoring. The chips are gluten free, non-gmo ingredients, and no preservatives. The chips are in kind of a square with groovy little waves in it. A little like a Sun-Chip, but with a lighter, less dense texture. The barbeque flavor is delicious, but subtle. These aren't "jacked, flavor explosion," chips. These chips are subtle, and sophisticated. They are salty without being too salty, and flavorful without knocking your face off. They satisfied that chip craving, without the not so good feeling after eating too much grease. Apparently this company also makes lentil chips, and hummus chips(!). They do have a cheddar variety, so they aren't a 100% vegan company, so of course check ingredients, but if you see these  at your grocery, try, try, TRY!  Sometimes a good old snack is needed in life, and I love that we can have snacks that fill that junk food craving, and not have to eat a bunch of terrifying ingredients.
One other thing I forgot to mention about these quinoa chips. If extra protein is your thang, a serving of these chips has 8 grams of protein. And of course as usual, I have to mention that I really think these would please vegans, and non vegans.

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