Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Oatmeal is for Eating

My consumption of plant milk has increased thanks to Whitney from Eco-Vegan Gal. She has been doing daily videos on her What a Vegan Eats YouTube channel, and for at least a month she has been raving about brown rice cereal, and how satisfying it is. She's been following a low histamine diet, so sugar, and a lot of fun but not so healthy stuff has been a big no-no for her. So, brown rice cereal has really helped satisfy some of her sweet cravings. I resisted for awhile, but I learned resistance really is futile. Whitney is one smart lady. Brown rice cereal rocks! I've been going back and forth between no sugar, and low sugar for quite some time myself, and I find some brown rice cereal with a little bit of coconut sugar is a very satisfying dessert. And Nature's Path makes an eco-friendly bag that I found for $1.99! There is one ingredient. Brown rice. So, not being a huge cereal eater, I never would have thought of this on my own. If you've never tried it, seriously watch a couple of Whitney's videos, you will see how appealing it is!
I say all of that to say that I experimented with homemade oat milk, as a way to save money and all I can say is no. I have had success with homemade almond, and coconut milk in the past. I just find the oats to have too strong of a taste. I blended half oats, half coconut with water, a little vanilla, and a pinch of salt .I then  strained it through a nut milk bag. The milk was a luscious, thick texture, but it tasted like liquid oatmeal. When I ate my brown rice cereal, I didn't know if I was eating oatmeal, or cereal. It's safe to say it was a total fail. Luckily I still have some raw coconut, so today I plan on making good old coconut milk. My takeaway is that oat milk is not my thang, but homemade plant milk is so much cheaper to make, and it really is an awesome feeling using milk you made yourself. Also, try brown rice cereal. It's crazy how something so simple really can satisfy cravings!

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