Friday, March 27, 2015

Parsley and Apple Sitting in a Tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

I've been adding fresh juice that I make myself to my daily diet for almost two years now. I mostly do green juices, but for almost a year now I've been adding beet juice, along with various citrus blends into the mix. I really do notice a difference in my energy levels if I skip a day or two. I don't even use or own a juicer. I just blend, and strain and press through my little strainer that I have. I've experimented with many different fruit and vegetable combinations. I've learned that pineapple and citrus, especially limes are very helpful if you  are like me and fine beets to be a little too "earthy".
Yesterday I discovered a delicious green combo that really blew my mind. I did my usual kale, romaine, celery, and apple green blend, but I have parsley that needs to be used since my Falafel recipe never came to be. So, I added a large handful of parsley to my juice mix. Apples and  parsley compliment each other really nicely. The juice was crisp, and tasted like a crisp, clean smelling spring morning. I've added herbs like basil and cilantro to other green blends, and i always enjoy the extra flavor. Cilantro and cucumber are another very nice combination.
I've read arguments for and against drinking juices and smoothies. I don't personally replace meals with juices or smoothies, (I need to chew at a meal) but I do use both as I guess snacks. I truly notice a positive effect, so I choose to continue juicing. There are some vegetables that I don't care for, and truth be told would not force myself to eat, but I can tolerate drinking them in juice form.
I feel great today. I had lots of greens yesterday to make up for my junky dinner the night before, and the greens tasted great, and I  feel like I  have had some I guess comfort type food, and also tons of very nutritious foods. As someone who has a very disordered eating past, it's really nice to find balance with food.
I veered way off topic as I sometimes do, but if you are a green juice lover, try the combo of apple, and parsley the next time you make a juice. Fresh herbs are going to be abundant as we creep our way into spring. I don't know about anyone else, but where I live, winter does not want to leave. No matter, spring will prevail!
Happy Friday!

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